Thursday, June 19, 2008

Benjamin and Lauren Koegel

So, the year's most infamous date. . . . 6/7/08. We had the opportunity to hop on a plane and head to Sacramento to shoot Benjamin and Lauren's special Day. The location. . . a beautiful country club nestled into the outskirts of town providing the perfect setting for a picture perfect wedding. Here's the introduction to their special day. ENJOY!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stephen and Maggie Brown

I must preface this one with a biased opinion. Stephen and Maggie have immaculate taste. The Nixon Library. . .(I got married there, too!). Maggie loves pink, and it showed! A beautifully planned wedding by Kimberly Bradford and the pictures from the wedding looked great as well thanks to Joe and Mirta from Barnet Photography! Here's a peek at their Post Ceremony Montage! Enjoy!

Bryan & Annie Kretzmer

So its funny how no matter how ominous the weather, the sun always seems to shine on the bride and groom. This one truly pushed the limits of that rule, but never the less, we made out with the weather and enjoyed a great wedding with plenty of footage to keep looping through our reels. By the way, did anyone mention these two are HUGE Journey fans. . . nice. In any case, Cathy McKnight of Irons in the Fire pulled off a great reception with appetizers to die for. Hope to work there again soon! This clip showcases Annie getting ready.Enjoy!

Brian & Lindsey Hibbard

Having worked with the Utgard family for multiple weddings now, I think I have to consider them part of the family. Another beautiful bride and a very lucky groom. This wedding down at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego was the perfect setting for a fantastic day! All the best in the world to the Newlyweds!!! Hope you Enjoy


Well, we made it back from the trip of a lifetime. Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and oh yeah. . . EGYPT. I've been told the phrase my entire life and I now know why they use it!!! After a 3 hour bus ride through the middle of the desert, we arrived at one of the most amazing places in the world. Check it out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Aaron and Tiffany LaPlante-Post Cermony

Here's another clip for those who have to see more of this AMAZING wedding! Not your ordinary wedding clip. A contemporary edit for a contemporary couple.

Aaron and Tiffany LaPlante - Preceremony

Aaron and Tiffany are not your ordinary Newlyweds. Everything at their wedding exemplified their style, including the Santa Barbara Mansion Destination. This footage was a blast to edit because their music selections were so "outside the box" and unique. Joe Broccardo from Broccardo Photography was awesome to work with and Tony and Marion finally had the opportunity to sit back and relax at a wedding for a change. Another Clip to be posted shortly!

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