Monday, December 15, 2008

Erin + Greg - Save the Date

So, this one was fun. . . really, really fun.

Erin and Greg are almost as excited as I am to debut their save the date video to all their coveted guests, and here it is!

When we first started brainstorming, it became clear that it was going to have to be a beach shoot. Then the argument was Dana Poing (Greg) vs. San Clemente (Erin). Seeing as the two grew up in the respective towns, they have their biases, but honestly, combining a shoot at both Salt Creek Beach and the pier in San Clemente proved to be not only a great idea, but a fantastic compliment to one another, just like the bride and groom to be :-)

Erin and Greg are so easy to work with and willing to do any shot, which made for some killer footage. A couple very important points to note:

1.) I have no idea what a nerd-bomber is, but perhaps Erin can explain that in the next video

2.) Don't ever trust me with sunglasses as all I can say is "AMEN FOR LOW TIDE!!!" As I went to grab a blanket for the two lovebirds, I knocked Greg's shades right over the side of the pier, and if it weren't for a very low tide, those glasses would still be swimming with the fishes.

Having established those two points, I truly hope you enjoy.

Erin and Greg are going to send out a copy of this on DVD to all of their guests as their Save-the-Date card. Truly a unique way to not only get the message out to your guests, but also to get them excited about your big day! Weddings by SML now offers Save the Date Videos for all of our Clients. Simply give us a call or shoot us an email to find out how we can get started on yours!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jeremy and Megan Webb

This wedding truly stood out as one the most enjoyable to shoot this year. Beach Houses, Bay Cruises, Automobiles, and Atmosphere, this one had it all!

Jeremy and Megan were fun from the start and it showed throughout the day. They were married at a beautiful beach house in Laguna on a Sunny October day. Holding true to the Webb family's love for automobiles, they made a quick getaway afterwards in an Auburn Speedster (for any classic car lovers!!!).

Before the grand entrance, the wedding party was treated to a quick cruise through the Dana Point Harbor, and then it was time to celebrate as the reception took place at the Dana Point Yacht Club.

If there is one thing that Jeremy and Megan truly love, it is their passion for Rasta. From their colors to the band, this couple bleeds red, green, and gold. Thus, in this quick highlight, we couldn't help but follow suit with the song selection! Enjoy. . . :-)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Can I Help Weddings by SML???

So. . . . this post is basically a shameless call to all of our previous clients out there! We have recently created an account at, which is a subsidiary of The cool thing about this is visibility on the website is directly proportional to the number of reviews you receive!

Here's the requirements:

1.) You have to be a legitimate prior client of Weddings by SML. . . . They do randomly check the reviews to ensure legitimacy and integrity, so Mom. . . you don't get to participate in this one. . . .

2.) You have to be willing to part with 5 minutes of your life. I know, gut wrenching thought, but I've already parted with 3 minutes of mine just by writing this post. . .

Other than that, be honest, and hopefully we have made you happy, but I don't want to influence anything. I prefer to let our clients speak for us. So if you have a few minutes, just click the link below in the white rectangular box and the rest is up to you! Thank you to everyone for a great 2008 season and we definately are looking forward to 2009. . . .

. . . And yes, we still have a few gems to release on the blog before the ball drops!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vee and Christina Ithivongsuphakit

If the length of one's last name was directly proportional to the amount of love one had for his bride to be. . . Vee's last name would almost be long enough. . . almost.

Truly a unique couple with a great sense of humor and a huge heart! They were married at Our Lady of Refuge Church. The party then proceeded onto Old Ranch Country Club, where we managed to grab some great shots with the help of Doug from Furious Photographers.

Special thanks to Courtnie James from A Perfect Day Events for all of her fantastic help in coordinating throughout the day. Mike Protasio from Perfect Memories Entertainment definitely threw his spin on both the reception and the turntables as well. 

Here is the trailer for their wedding day. Enjoy!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

True Love at Fallbrook - Joseph and Katie DiCaprio - With Special Guest Brandon Kidd

An hour and twenty minutes southeast of Orange County lies the quiet city of Fallbrook. Nestled up against a hill is a true gem of a resort called Pala Mesa; home to golf, relaxation, and the Wedding Day of Joe and Katie.

We arrived a couple hours before the ceremony to find the bridal room already in full force as the girls rushed to bring final touches together. Quietly sat Katie, almost meditating on the ceremony to come. There was most certainly a pleasant calm about her, that definitely showed on film.

And then there was Joe, with Blue Label and Black Tie, ready to receive his bride. Nothing but smiles the entire day, this couple made it too easy, and. . . well. . . the rest is for your eyes to feast on. Hope you enjoy!

But, before you watch, a couple huge shout outs! Thank you to Kendra Koenig with Pala Mesa Resort. She kept everything on time and ready to go for us. She most certainly is worth her weight in gold. Thanks to Hugh Swanke from A New Song Mobile Entertainment. Hugh kept the party rockin' into the wee hours.

And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE shout out to Brandon Kidd from Brandon Kidd Photography. His eye for photography is flawless and I just had to ask him to shoot me some photos for this highlight reel. So, all the stills you see in this piece, are from his lens to your eyes. Hope you enjoy!!!

LOL, I keep receiving thank you's from parents (which is a great thing) and I can't help but share these because it just goes to show how important great wedding cinema can be! This one came from Katie's mother:

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Left My Heart in San Diego

While it's not my policy to post both a Same Day Edit and Wedding Day Highlights from the same shoot, with Steve and Kristin, I simply couldn't resist. 

Combine the perfect venue with the perfect couple and you end up with oodles (is that a word???) of  footage, and why not share???? 

Check it out!


Just an update, here is a very sweet thank you card we received in the mail today from the Newlyweds!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why I Film Weddings

I would say the most popular question I receive when I meet with a potential client for the first time at our studio (aside from, "how much is it going to cost me". . . LOL) is, "What made you want to film weddings?"

Well the truth is, like so many of us out there, sometimes our careers find us and. . .poof. . . . there you have it. . . .  In my case, wedding cinematography first crossed paths with me back in college. Given an opportunity to film a wedding for some friends, I thought it was harmless enough. Well, 7 years later, here we are, making the absolute most out of this amazing opportunity we have to share in the most important day of a newly formed couples' life.

I truly believe what we create is one of the most unique and cherished keepsakes a family could possess. It is that reason that fuels my desire to push our boundaries and make each wedding film even greater and more unique than the last. Knowing that our company has the ability to encapsulate the emotion of a wedding day into a film that I KNOW will be loved is perhaps the most rewarding part of the job.

I opened my mail last night and found this letter addressed to Weddings by SML. While we receive thank you's all the time via email from parents and newlyweds alike, this one stood out to me. I can't tell you how rewarded I feel to have received such a heartfelt card. 


Here is the card. . .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weddings by SML wins a National Aegis Award!

So, this is the time of year that you start to get the notifications back from different competitions with results from all the judging that takes place. Well. . . I am thrilled to announce we have won an Aegis Award this year.

The Aegis Video and Film Production Awards are the video industry's premier competition for peer recognition of outstanding video productions and non-network TV commercials. In this case, Weddings by SML was honored in the Wedding Production category for our most recent demo (which can be seen at the top of the blog!)

Perhaps what makes this award so special is that the work we submitted was judged by peers in the industry, thus I truly feel humbled to receive such an honor. Once again, a very special thank you to not only Dave, Davin, Gabe, and Peter (a truly impressive team of videographers), but an even larger thank you to all of our wonderful clients whose footage helped to create a spectacular wedding demo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Save the Date Videos - On Wedding Chicks

Another major shout out to Joceybella and Amy Squires for their continued support of Weddings by SML. This past week, they asked us to contribute to The Wedding Chicks with our take on Save-the-Date Videos. If you'd like to read the article, click here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Andrew and Ashley Burns

What a roller coaster weekend. Coming off of 3 weddings in 3 days, wow do we have a lot to show you!

Ashley and Andrew were married in Monarch Beach with a beautiful reception at Pacific Hills. As we arrived at the church, the marine layer was blowing over the hill and it was truly a remarkable site. This couple is so easy going, that we had a great time creating some unique shots that I'm sure you will enjoy. A huge shout out to the giant chocolate fountain and dessert bar. I'm pretty sure that table was ransacked in minutes. . . . good call.

A very special thank you to Marlin and Marlene Munoz from Marlin A. Munoz Photographers for their help in getting all the great shots. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I can't wait until we have the opportunity to work together again!

Here is the trailer from their big day. Enjoy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Stephen and Kristin Mikolajczak - Same Day Edit

With our eyes fighting to stay open, we crawled out of bed at 6am to be down to San Diego in time for Steve and Kristin's big day. Having known Steve personally for the better half of a decade, it is not a stretch to say that when the cameras are rolling, he doesn't disappoint. And he couldn't have picked a better wife in Kristin. Not only is she beautiful, but her personality is bursting at the seems and it made our job so easy! The two compliment each other in every way, not to mention their undying love for everything 80's, which makes this Same Day Edit stand out.

When we were first handed the task of putting a SDE together to Bon Jovi, I must say I laughed and thought, "how are we going to do this one???" But, as I received their pictures and Davin got a feel for their style, we must admit that it came together almost naturally. So here it is, in it's blog debut, Steve and Kristin. . . Wanted. . . Dead or Alive. . . Enjoy!

Also, a shout out to Paul Peterson from High Energy DJ for his efforts in keeping the reception rocking. For those who witnessed his performance in the middle of the dance floor, it was one that will not be soon forgotten. . .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lauren and Cooper - Save the Date - 5-30-09

Just thinking about this shoot makes me laugh. . . It all began with the idea to carpool over to the Fun Zone in Balboa (parking there not so friendly). In any case, all 3 of us pile into my car. Poor Lauren had to fit into the back of the Mustang with a light kit taking up two thirds of her seat. Then Cooper forgets his drumsticks. Then Cooper spills coffee on his shirt. Then Steve forgets the Sharpie to write on said drumsticks.

How we managed to get anything accomplished is beyond me. Fortunately Lauren was there to keep anything else from going wrong. . . . except if she only could have held the sun from setting for a few more minutes. . . LOL.

In any case, here is their Save the Date Video for the big day next year. We are setting up a custom webpage for Cooper and Lauren to display their acting debut (this video) and allow their friends and family to share in their excitement for the upcoming wedding. We are proud to now offer the Save the Date Video to any package as a very worthwhile add-on!

Oh. . .and Cooper is a drummer. . . . a very . . .very good drummer, hence the emphasis on the drumsticks. So check it out and enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weddings by SML wins an Accolade Award!

Well. . . We are very excited to announce that we have just been notified that we have won an Accolade award for our most recent demo that we put out there! What an honor. . . . and truly a great achievement as well. A very special thanks to Dave, Gabe, and Davin, for they shot much of the footage that went into the final cut for the demo and without them, Weddings by SML wouldn't be where it is today.

Also, a very special thank you to all of our past clients who invited us to share in one of the most important days of their lives. Without the couples, we couldn't exist.

To be rewarded for documenting emotional bliss is truly and honor and I can't express my gratitude to all of our clients who put their trust into our lenses.


Here's the letter we received!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Joseph and Sarah Diamond

Joseph and Sarah were married this past August at Temple Beth El in a traditional Jewish Ceremony. From the Tish, to the Bedeken, to the dancing of the Horah, this wedding was authentic in every way.

It is always so much fun to be a part of weddings like these because there are so many intricate and unique details that have been forged from thousands of years of tradition. Both families were so warm and friendly that it made shooting this wedding a very rewarding experience.

Oh!. . . . and before I forget, in case any of the guys from the Human Pyramid at the Tish see this, I was truly impressed. . . my compliments to your skills when put on the spot.

Here is the trailer from their special day, hope you enjoy!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Toke and Angie Makinde

A picture perfect Labor Day Weekend in Long Beach was the site for Angie and Toke's special day. As the color red played a major role in the event, so too did the atmosphere that was electric from beginning to end. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in your wedding day.

A special thank you to Joe Broccardo from Broccardo Photography for being a pleasure as always to work with. His images and professionalism speaks for itself. Here is the trailer for their wedding. Enjoy! :-)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Amy and Ben Gold

If you checked out the first dance these two had ( 2 posts below), you can tell that the energy and love Amy and Ben share is vibrant enough to light up all of Southern California. Truly a beautiful wedding from beginning to end. What a pleasure to capture and I'm having even more fun putting it together in post!

Here is the trailer from their special day. Hope you enjoy! :-)


My Sincerest Apologies

So, I'll cut to the chase. . . I've been lagging. With "Wedding Season" in full swing, I have neglected both the blog and those of you who check back periodically for new flicks to feast on. Rest assured, we have been accumulating some great stuff that must be shared. . .

Having said that, I promise to bring you several clips shortly as the editing has been non-stop around the clock as of late. Needless to say, it only gets better from here! I will post the trailer from Amy and Ben's wedding shortly, as was promised in the post showing their first dance!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Amy & Ben - A Dance to Remember!

Amy and Ben definitely put their touch on the day with a First Dance that no one who attended will soon forget! I usually save the blog for highlights, same day edits, and cinematically polished pieces, but I simply couldn't resist letting this one run virtually unedited. Rest assured, there will be a trailer for this wedding on the blog soon as well, but this couldn't wait any longer. . .

When you take a bride who has been dancing her entire life, and a groom who is seasoned with years of Lip Sync performances (old fraternity reference), it is no surprise that they had something up their sleeve as all eyes were focused at the onset of the reception! Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to Hire a Videographer - Compliments of Wedding Chicks!

With so many vendors to get lined up for the big day, sometimes Brides and Grooms to be, and even family members helping out, can get a little flustered with where to start. By the time they get to videography, they are simply out of gas and slightly stressed out to say the least. 

I recently teamed up with Amy Squires from Wedding Chicks to write a short article with a few quick pointers to help brides get started when looking for Wedding Videography in Orange County. A very special THANK YOU to Amy for all of her support of Weddings by SML!

You can click here to check out the article!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sam and Krista Barton - Same Day Edit

Sam and Krista are not your ordinary couple. In fact, it is their unique tastes that compliment one another so well. From Sam's insistence on rockin' the Converse All Stars with the Groomsmen, to Krista's preference for Pink. . . pink bouquets, pink dresses, pink ties, and even a pair of pink heels for herself, all the attention to detail is what made this wedding stand out. Shot on location at the beautiful Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach.

Working with Tony and Marion from Elegant Photography is always a great time. Their work speaks for itself and their upbeat attitude brings out the best in the photographs they create. A very special thank you to Ryan Anderson from Station Identification for helping us to ensure that the sound for the Same Day Edit played flawlessly. With a distance of over 60 feet from the DJ booth to the projector, the presentation could not have happened without their expertise and professionalism! And as always, Allison from Flower Allie providing beautiful pink roses for the special day.

This one had to be cut in a hurry. With just 3 hours to get everything together, it was a mad dash to the finish line, but we pulled it off in true Weddings by SML style! ENJOY!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ryan and Nika Roback

This vibrant wedding was set in the Hills of Somis, California. Miles of avacado groves and immense estates lined the road as we ascended to the ceremony site. What a great atmosphere for a very loved and celebrated couple. With scenic views from every vantage point, this wedding truly provided some unique footage with colors that made every shot stand out!

A special thank you to Gerry from Smash Event for putting all the pieces together and Ned from Vox DJs for keeping the music flowing throughout the evening!

And a very special thank you to Ryan and Nika for letting us partake in your beautiful day. It was truly an honor.

Here is the trailer for their wedding. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Peter and Megan Foseid - Same Day Edit

WOW. . . what a beautiful wedding. Another perfect day in Dana Point. Shot at St. Edwards Catholic Church overlooking Doheny and beyond, the ceremony was as elegant as could be.

The party moved along without delay straight over to Marbella Country Club where the fun continued long into the night. Working with Amy Squires of Amy Squires Photography is always a pleasure and her work speaks for itself. A very special thanks to Lorraine Keseloff from The Wedding Fairy for helping both families to create such a special and spectacular wedding day. Her planning and communication always keeps the big day moving smoothly. Last, but not least, all would not be the same if it weren't' for Michael Carcano from Carcano DJ for keeping the party rocking 'till the lights came on.

Here is the Same Day Edit we did as a surprise for the newlyweds! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nicholas and Natalie Staffieri

Nothing like a beautiful sunny day down in Dana Point. With a calm ocean breeze, Natalie and Nicholas were married and the party carried on all the way into the night. A special thanks to Cathy McKnight and all the staff at Irons in the Fire for putting on such an incredible reception.

With the video on its way, here is a trailer for those who just can't wait. . . ENJOY!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Benjamin and Lauren Koegel

So, the year's most infamous date. . . . 6/7/08. We had the opportunity to hop on a plane and head to Sacramento to shoot Benjamin and Lauren's special Day. The location. . . a beautiful country club nestled into the outskirts of town providing the perfect setting for a picture perfect wedding. Here's the introduction to their special day. ENJOY!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stephen and Maggie Brown

I must preface this one with a biased opinion. Stephen and Maggie have immaculate taste. The Nixon Library. . .(I got married there, too!). Maggie loves pink, and it showed! A beautifully planned wedding by Kimberly Bradford and the pictures from the wedding looked great as well thanks to Joe and Mirta from Barnet Photography! Here's a peek at their Post Ceremony Montage! Enjoy!

Bryan & Annie Kretzmer

So its funny how no matter how ominous the weather, the sun always seems to shine on the bride and groom. This one truly pushed the limits of that rule, but never the less, we made out with the weather and enjoyed a great wedding with plenty of footage to keep looping through our reels. By the way, did anyone mention these two are HUGE Journey fans. . . nice. In any case, Cathy McKnight of Irons in the Fire pulled off a great reception with appetizers to die for. Hope to work there again soon! This clip showcases Annie getting ready.Enjoy!

Brian & Lindsey Hibbard

Having worked with the Utgard family for multiple weddings now, I think I have to consider them part of the family. Another beautiful bride and a very lucky groom. This wedding down at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego was the perfect setting for a fantastic day! All the best in the world to the Newlyweds!!! Hope you Enjoy


Well, we made it back from the trip of a lifetime. Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and oh yeah. . . EGYPT. I've been told the phrase my entire life and I now know why they use it!!! After a 3 hour bus ride through the middle of the desert, we arrived at one of the most amazing places in the world. Check it out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Aaron and Tiffany LaPlante-Post Cermony

Here's another clip for those who have to see more of this AMAZING wedding! Not your ordinary wedding clip. A contemporary edit for a contemporary couple.

Aaron and Tiffany LaPlante - Preceremony

Aaron and Tiffany are not your ordinary Newlyweds. Everything at their wedding exemplified their style, including the Santa Barbara Mansion Destination. This footage was a blast to edit because their music selections were so "outside the box" and unique. Joe Broccardo from Broccardo Photography was awesome to work with and Tony and Marion finally had the opportunity to sit back and relax at a wedding for a change. Another Clip to be posted shortly!

Congratulations!!! You made it. . . was it hard to find??? In any case, here lies our most recent creations. That's right. . . like it or not, here you will find everything Weddings by SML. From trailers to tidbits, this is where everything not found on ends up.

So laugh, cry, do whatever you do when you watch our stuff. Hope you like it, and please, be sure to leave a comment or two. We love feedback, and we love the fact that you are here to check us out, so enjoy!!!