Monday, December 13, 2010

Janelle + Scott // As Featured On Wedding Chicks

So. . . . . . the lovely ladies over at The Wedding Chicks asked us to take part in a crazy concept wedding shoot gone real. That's right, this shoot was originally going to be a concept spread (where they dress up a wedding, but have models as stand in Bride and Grooms), but then they found a REAL B&G, and in only 3 WEEKS, this wedding came together for real!!!

The details at this wedding were beyond off the hook, and lets just say my personal favorite was the patio heaters, so be sure to pay close attention to those! I'm posting the trailer here, but you can check out the FULL wedding as it is featured on Wedding Chicks with all the AMAZING vendors that were a part of it, by clicking HERE.

Thank you again Amy and Jocey for inviting us to the shin dig and here it is. . . . Janelle + Scott // As Featured on Wedding Chicks.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Becky + Mark // The Pastor's Daughter

Opposites attract. Clear and simple. One of the undeniable truths of the universe. Just as gravity pulls objects towards the earth and inertia will keep an object in motion; just as air smells cleaner after a good solid rain and trees shed their leaves in winter only to re cultivate them again in the spring, opposites will always attract to one another.

Becky is flat out corky and fun. While we haven't known her for years, you can tell instantly when she comes in the room. There is a gaping smile just waiting to surface and it is when she is around her childhood friends that the personality truly comes to life as demonstrated by the "gift" that was given to her by Amy, her maid of honor, as the girls got ready.

Mark is calm, cool, collected. Not that he doesn't have fun (the guy used a mechanic's shop creeper for the garter remover), but he definitely balances Becky out. He is clearly the one for her and most certainly her opposite.

Becky's father is a Church Pastor. As you will learn in the trailer, he has presided over many weddings, but walking his own daughter down to the aisle to then preside over her wedding was a special moment. To say that it added a very personal dynamic to an already emotional ceremony would be an understatement.

A very special thank you to Kimi Wislocki from Perfect Planning for all of her help with orchestrating the day's events. Also, a shout out to Stefanie from Studio EMP who brought out the best in Mark and Becky and whose imagery is stunning. Finally, a big thanks to Steve Shanahan from Honored Occasions for keeping the evening rocking. . .always fun to work with Steve!

It was such a joy to share in Mark and Becky's day and there are so many elements we cannot wait to share with them in their feature film, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak. . . .

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jamie + Michael // A Ceremony Within the Ceremony SDE

Mike's father, also Mike, is a Colonel in the United States Air Force. So when he stated that the planning that went into this wedding was the best he had ever seen, it meant something. He was not only referring to the wedding, but all of the activities surrounding it.

Jamie + Mike live the life of a military family. As Mike is a Major in the Airforce, they are bound to the life that it brings, including the relocation from time to time. So for the wedding, family and friends joined them from all over the country, thus Jamie planned out activities for everyone. From shopping at South Coast Plaza, to Yoga on the Beach, to a 5K run the morning of the wedding, there were activities all weekend.

This is not to say that the wedding was not every bit as structured and as we arrived to the ceremony rehearsal, it was very evident that this couple was not messing around. As Jamie + Michael and immediate family arrived, Jamie quickly began going through her wedding notebook approving itinerary and details as Mike and his brother, Brad quickly took to the Sabre Ceremony. In military tradition, a special ceremony is performed at the end of the ceremony service that involves ushers, very real swords, and the bride and groom. Brad, the lead in the service took the honor very seriously and the two probably spent 25 minutes rehearsing and perfecting what was to take place on the big day. This became a driving thread in their Same Day Edit as you'll see.

As the morning of the wedding came, the two set out for split activities with family and friends. Mike lead the 5K run while Jamie's good friend led a Yoga instruction on the beach. From there, the rigid timeline began and helped to unfold what was a most memorable of days, and one that definitely shined during the Ceremony within the Ceremony.

A couple MONSTER points of mention. First, Kathy Nosek from A Divine-Occasion Wedding and Event Planning. This woman is incredible and her execution at any event is second to none. Thank you to her for helping us to deliver what was truly a fun presentation for all that evening. A second shout out goes straight to Chuck Wansley and The Chuck Wansley Band. If I was getting married tomorrow, these guys would be performing at the reception. Unbelievable. The only word to describe them and they made the Same Day Edit happen without a hitch, so thank you to them as well! Finally, our new friend, Pepper Nix from Pepper Nix Photography. Photographer and crazy like us, need we say more?

And here it is as it was shown to everyone at the reception las night. Jamie + Michael // The Ceremony Within the Ceremony SDE

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sarah + Jeff // Don't Jinx It

We love backyard weddings. The details. The intimacy. The uniqueness of the venue. There is so much that can be learned about a couple at a backyard wedding just by the thought that goes into every aspect of the day.

Sarah + Jeff decided to make their wedding happen in Jeff's parents' backyard. To say that every detail was attended to would be understating the event. Jeff and his grandfather filled in the swimming pool with a plywood base that can be seen during the rehearsal footage. The alter was also hand made. Photos throughout the house were filled in with pictures of the lovely couple and to top it off, dinner consisted of a made to order pasta bar (let's just say we gave that part specifically two thumbs up) and mashed potatoes in martini glasses.

As we arrived to the house, the rain from the morning was just beginning to let up. No sooner than the rain stopped, the sun cranked up about 14 notches. It was as if two completely different weather forecasts had collided. Perhaps it was simply fate as it never rains on a bride's big day in Southern California. . . .

As the day wore on, we began to focus some of our attention on all the work that was taking place behind the scenes. The dance between the Catering Crew, the Bartenders, and the Event Planners was almost choreographed. Although we don't show it in the trailer, it will reveal itself in Jeff + Sarah's final film and it was a very organized chaos to say the least.

When all was said and done, this wedding was hands down one of our favorites this year. Jeff + Sarah, married in his parents backyard, but not a backyard wedding by any stretch of the imagination.

A very large shout out to Lisa Moon from Lisa Moon Events. As always, she worked her magic on the big day, as well as at the rehearsal :-) Also, a very special thank you to Justin from Generations Entertainment for making our life easier once again at the reception! Krista Jon from Downtown Flowers ROCKED the florals as you will see, and Rog and Lyndzee from Ellsworthphotography were so great to work with as well!

And now, Sarah + Jeff. . . enjoy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Scott + Brigitte // the Scigitte SDE

First and foremost, Happy Halloween!!! Belated or otherwise, always a fun holiday and an opportunity for children and adult children alike to give into the practice that is dressing up like a complete idiot and candy binging. . . guilty as charged.

Moving forward, we switch gears to Scott + Brigitte (who will be referred to from this point forward by their true power couple name, Scigitte).

Our crew lives for juxtaposition, the concept of placing two things together that you wouldn't normally see and making them more interesting because of it. If you watch our films, you know that we look for it in everything we do. So when Brigitte contacted us for her wedding day to take place on Halloween, you know we were instantly sold.

Before you jump to conclusions, however, this was not a wedding you would expect on Halloween. These two are not creatures of the night or costume hounds just waiting for October 31st to get married. . . . just a couple that stands firm in their faith and the belief that things happen for a reason, and ultimately a puzzle can only be put together in one way (to be explained in the SDE).

Scigitte has a crazy long backstory that involves several twists and turns that incorporate finding their faith, losing one another, rekindling, and vowing not to EVEN SHARE A KISS until they were married. It almost goes without saying that the Same Day Edit was going to have to end on that first kiss, right???

Scott began the day golfing with his father. A last outing as a single man looking for those fatherly words of advice, which he later shared with one of the guys on his car ride to the venue. Brigitte sat quietly at her friend's house, putting together the final touches for the florals, which she had done ON HER OWN for the entire wedding day.

A day that is so infamous for demons and devils, candy and scares, horror and fear. . . it was the ultimate juxtaposition for Scigitte. Demons and devils??? We saw an angel fairy princess flower girl. Candy and scares? We saw laughing, good food, and an overwhelmingly sweet candy bar. Horror and fear? Not on this day. . . . Only love, laughter, and an unyielding dedication of Scigitte's devotion to their faith.

It wouldn't be fair to proceed without first thanking two UBER-RAD vendors! First, Janel Conlan from Focus Photography. The definition of Rad Photographer, and amazingly sweet and cool human. Thank you Janel for always being so great to work with. Second, Justin from Generations Entertainment made the SDE possible. Thank you for allowing us to work through your soundboard all evening and for keeping the party rockin'

And now, Scott + Brigitte // the Scigitte SDE

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Tribute to my Wife

As a child, I hated the rain. Rain meant no recess, no outdoor activities, no playing hockey on the cul de sac after school. Rain meant cold and wet. Wet socks. Wet clothes. Wet backpacks. Rain made me take an umbrella everywhere I went. Rain sucked.

My wife, Jackie, LOVES the rain. To her as a child, rain meant her favorite sweatshirt, a cup of hot chocolate, the fireplace, and a good book. I never liked to read.

As I've grown older, rain doesn't bother me as much anymore. In fact, as the storms usher in the winter, I almost welcome the rain as a refreshing change to the scorching sun of the summer. With rain comes fresh air and new seasons. A clean slate and an opportunity to reflect. Now that I'm no longer a child, I find myself becoming more like my wife and on that note, this is what we saw outside the studio this morning as we were editing away. The rain reminds me of Jackie, and that is reason enough to post this clip, a tribute to her.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Miss Rockstar Energy AMA Motocross

In a continued effort to share some of the projects that we work on outside of the wedding world, we decided to share another Rockstar shoot with everyone out there. This one took place at Suzuki's factory and involved Danielle, Miss Rockstar Energy AMA. It can be found on Rockstar's website and we would be lying if we said it wasn't any fun to put together. Enjoy :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Keren + Pieter // Love

Soulmate. By itself, a word that is defined as somebody whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity with. But, there is so much more as we all know. A soulmate is the smile when you aren't having your best day. A soulmate is the off beat giggle when you tell a joke that really isn't that funny. A soulmate is the eyes you look into every morning knowing that this is the one. Keren + Pieter are soulmates.

We know this because of the way they connect every time they see each other. The way they look completed by simply being in the presence of one another. It's funny that we use a piece of audio in this trailer that is mumbled by Pieter as he gets dressed for the ceremony. "I'm really lucky. I've got everything I want and everything I could possibly need." In a society that focuses on "things", sometimes the one "thing" that is most important is easiest to see on the wedding day.

As Keren got ready for the day, a day which she scheduled around the USC football schedule, she watched her team via streaming online while sharing a laugh with the girls as they did hair and makeup, and ultimately a prayer as they prepared for the ceremony. The guys, on the other hand, got dressed over beers. Beers that Pieter's brother couldn't separate with as he made the trek from one end of the hotel to the other to deliver Keren her gift from Pieter.

And as the two opened their gifts, "things" if you will, they both were excited and said "wow" and "pretty", but it was the moments just before opening the gifts when they were reading the cards, hand written from one another, while fighting back teary eyes that showed what "thing" is most important on the wedding day and every day for the rest of their lives. Love.

A very special thank you to Courtney Toney from Joyful Weddings and Events for her help in orchestrating such a wonderful day. Also a shout out to our friend Jasmine Star from Jasmine Star Photography. Always great to work with good people on these shoots and Jasmine and Courtney rock!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Robert + Tina // Cheese Lines Do Work

There's nothing more rewarding than being able to show our friends such an important day in their life in a way that it is seldom seen. When Robert + Tina approached us to film their wedding, we were honored and yet nervous at the same time. The pressure always seems to be so much greater when it is people you have known for the better part of a decade. The fact that they trust us to tell their story just ramps up the heat in the boiler room that much more.

8 years ago, these two began their courting. . . a courting that started with, well, let's just say not Robert's best line. Then again, now that we think about it, they are married, so perhaps it was his best line? In any case, Robert + Tina's passion for life, friends, and family made this wedding pop and we would be lying if we didn't say we are proud of this one. Congratulations to the newlyweds and we simply couldn't resist making the cake toppers the still screen shot for your trailer :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christie + RJ // Tale of the Teacher

In constantly striving to develop every couple's story and unfold their day as it happens, we often stumble onto unexpected threads. In the case of Christie + RJ, it was the handkerchiefs that Christie gave to her mother and grandmother prior to the ceremony while she was getting ready.

A small and simple gift, yet such an emotional moment that had to be included in this trailer. As you can tell by the title, Christie is a teacher and found her Matron of Honor through their profession. As you'll see, RJ doesn't mind helping Christie out in getting the classroom ready either. A wise husband indeed :-)

Congratulations to Christie + RJ and just wait until you see the feature film. . . . .

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jill + Jamar // A Studio Backlot SDE

One element that certainly caught our attention when we first were contacted by Jill + Jamar was the answer to the question, "Where is your reception going to take place?" When the answer was CBS studios, we were intrigued. . . . very intrigued.

Such a unique setting for a wedding and the imagery. How cool to be in a residential neighborhood on this block, and then downtown NYC on the next? Once we met with Jill + Jamar and saw how easy going and incredibly sweet they were, we were sold. And yesterday, in front of friends and family, we were thrilled to share this SDE with them.

The day began at MAC with a little makeup session, which became the bookends to the edit. The girls then traveled to the chic Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach where Jill became acquainted with the perfect wedding day accessory, which also happened to be her wedding day gift from Jamar. Another element of the day that we felt should be included in the edit was the travel. While the ceremony took place in Manhattan Beach, CBS studios is in Studio City. For anyone who doesn't live and/or work near LA, the commute between these two cities is 35 minutes without traffic, but one good accident and it can easily mushroom into a 2 hour commute. Travel was definitely an element to the day, thus an element to the SDE. Finally, we arrive at the reception, where the venue is truly unique, but the details laid out into this wedding easily overshadowed any studio set. From the floral to the cake design, this wedding was to the 9's, so we wanted to show some of the labor that went into the setup.

Jill + Jamar, what a wonderful day that was shared by all and we truly are honored to call you one of our couples! Congratulations and we hope you enjoyed your Same Day Edit!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Melissa + Eduardo // Boy Meets Girl

Sometimes when we are filming, there are those moments where you go, "wow, that was awesome". In the case of Melissa + Eduardo, that moment came during the Best Man's toast. Ramon decided to explain Melissa + Eduardo's story in a very simple, broken down fashion that was so effective, it became the driving narrative for this trailer.

When we met with Melissa + Eduardo, one thing that stood out is their calm and laid back feel.Calm. Cool. Collected. They are so easy going, so we choose the song in this trailer for its easy going nature.

They decided to have their reception at the Red Horse Barn in Huntington Beach and it couldn't have fit these two and their personalities any better. Horses are As Melissa + Eduardo walked through the stables, the energy just fit the setting. As the shave ice refreshed the guests (Melissa's family's business), the tasty barbecue dinner filled the bellies. And what better way to work off dinner than with salsa lessons?

A very special thank you to Jesi Haack from Jesi Haack Weddings. Creativity doesn't begin to do this girl justice. If you are even considering a DIY style party, call Jesi. Enough said.

Also, sincere thanks to Amelia Lyon from Amelia Lyon Photography for being uber-easy to work with and for helping to setup some really great imagery!

Congratulations to Melissa + Eduardo and we sincerely thank you for your generosity, love, and faith in our work. . . . and the shave ice :-) Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If you are in Lisbon, goto GoCar!

So just a few short weeks ago, the wife and I were in Europe. Yes, we know, rough life. But hey! What's the point of living if you don't live, right? So, one of many stops landed us in Lisbon, Portugal. Some of the friendliest people we have ever met that don't speak English.

So go back to our first anniversary. Jackie (wife) and I took a quick flight up to San Francisco where we were first introduced to GoCars. Basically, you ride around looking like a tourist in a fun little neon yellow go-cart. There is a satellite guided tour that tells you what you are looking at as you drive by certain places. The nice thing is it also tells you where to turn next. The GoCar looks something like this:

Jump forward to a couple weeks ago. Turns out there is a GoCar in Lisbon! So, naturally, what better way to see a city when you only have a few hours than to jump in one of these fun little go-carts!

One fun thing about Europe is they don't use Lysol. So. . . . . .when you put on their helmets, what do they do to sanitize them???? Make you wear fun blue little hair nets. They look like this:

Underneath the world's coolest helmets, they look like this:

When driving the go-cart, they look like this (note the bridge in the background, NOT the Golden Gate Bridge! more on that in a minute):

here are some of the sights to be seen in Lisbon:

So then, we stumbled upon a peculiar bridge. Turns out the same company that built the San Fran-Oakland Bay Bridge (not the Golden Gate), constructed this bridge in Lisbon in 1966, some thirty years after the Golden Gate. It is considered the sister bridge to the American version and literally looks IDENTICAL. It is called the 25 de Abril Bridge to commemorate the date of the Carnation Revolution of 1974 in Portugal. Check it out!

Unfortunately, our time spent in Lisbon was short lived, but we certainly were able to make the most of it thanks to GoCar! Made some great friends with Patrick and Leonel (the GoCar guys!) and thank them very much for their hospitality in Lisbon!

Burt + Lily // A Beachside SDE

Two great people. Perhaps keeping it simple is best. Burt + Lily are truly generous in all that they do, so when 400 or their closest friends and family showed up to see them exchange vows, it is no surprise to us that there was a huge outpouring of love and support.

Filmed and edited on location in Huntington Beach, this edit incorporates some of the storyline of the day. The girls discussed placing for the ceremony over pizza and the guys pointed out the engravings in the wedding rings.

You'll notice a very cool part of the Persian ceremony in which women grind sugar over the heads of Burt + Lily. In Persian tradition, this is to symbolize how their lives will be filled with sweetness and happiness.

A very large shout out and congratulations to Burt + Lily!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tracie + John // The Life in the Years

Living like Lincoln. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Tracie + John. There was a toast that was made by Tracie's father at the reception and he quotes a couple very choice words from our 16th president. Tracie + John live out those words every day of their lives. We would be lying if we didn't point out that we were very much looking forward to cutting this trailer. After an evening with these two, their family and friends, and more energy than could have been imagined, this wedding was busting at the seems with story and just waiting on the edit line for this post.

He likes the Red Sox. She likes Animals. He has no fear rocking manties (you'll see). She eats cereal with a fork. He needs but a simple excuse to celebrate. She used to be a competitive figure skater. This list goes on and on and the sentences only become better and better. Instead of writing and writing, we'll let you simply watch. . . . . . and watch.

A very special thank you to Lisa Moon of Lisa Moon Events for making the day so much easier. Also, thank you to Tasos Tsirtsis from LSM Entertainment for all of his help at the reception. If you need a event planner extraordinaire or a great DJ, look no further than these two!

Monday, August 30, 2010

1 Year Later, Still Reliving the Day through the Film

The other day, we received an awesome email from one of our 2009 couples, Patty + Frank. If you didn't have a chance to see their trailer, you can see it HERE. In any case, as they celebrated their one year anniversary, they decided to watch their film again and we received this email, which Patty gave me permission to share on the blog.

"Hi Steve,

Frank Chu and I got married nearly a year ago and you did the videography for our wedding. We decided to watch it since our one year anniversary is coming up. I cried like a baby! You did such a wonderful job. I had somehow forgotten what a magical day it was for us and even when you mailed us the finished product (which we watched the day it arrived!) it hadn't completely hit me how incredible your footage and edits were. One year later, as Frank and I watched it, I started to feel all the emotions from that day and cried the happy tears that I didn't cry on the actual wedding day because everything was happening so fast. It was well worth the money spent and more. We are so happy that you captured our wedding day. Thanks a million!

Yours Faithfully,

It just goes to show how important a good film is once the day has passed. . . - Steve

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tom + Theresa // 58 Years in a Bottle

The best things in life are worth waiting for. A proverb that has been recited and recycled all too often, yet it rings so true. Tom + Theresa had several elements of their day that reflected this notion, and we decided to center this trailer around that concept.

Theresa's mother gave her a sign that at first glance, looked pretty straight forward, but after listening to her explanation, revealed that it was more about the phrase than the sign itself. Theresa had found happily ever after.

As Tom got ready for the ceremony, his father helped him with the final adjustments and we couldn't help but wonder how long Dad had waited for this very moment.

And finally, as you'll see for yourself, a bottle of scotch, rested quietly in a cupboard, aged 58 years . . . . . just waiting because well, the best things in life are worth waiting for. Enjoy :-)

Special Thank you to Stephanie from Exquisite Events Specialists for all of her help in preparing for Tom + Theresa's day and keeping everything moving along according to plan.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sarvenaz + Kevin // A Dream Come True. . . .

When a relationship begins on the French Riviera with a first date in Cannes, where exactly do you go from there? Well, if you are Sarv + Kevin, the answer is simple. . . . all over the world!

Sarv + Kevin's photo album looks like a travel brochure for all the places you would dream of visiting. Their passion for travel clearly overflows into their love for family, friends, and life. The first thing that became clear with Sarv after our first conversation via phone was her enthusiasm and infectious excitement not only for her wedding day, but just for the moment. Sarv is all about the moment and she didn't hesitate to stop every few seconds in her beaming white gown, close her eyes, take in a fresh breath, and realize she was marrying the man who was meant for her all along.

Kevin is a Boston native, who had spent most of his professional career in the Big Apple before traveling across the country to San Francisco to be with Sarv. The two of them actually met in Las Vegas while supporting mutual friends who were taking part in a half marathon. Then, they became travel buddies on the way to a wedding in Sweden and somehow managed to plan a pre-wedding detour that ended up in the French Riviera. By the third date, they were in Monaco! We swear this is their story, we couldn't write a story this good. . . . .

Back to Kevin. Aside from his love for spicy food and fly fishing, one thing that shows is how comfortable he is around Sarv. The entire day, these two were able to have conversations with one another just through a glance. You can tell when a couple is going to make it because there is an intangible. These two have that intangible.

With such a beautiful wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel and such an upbeat couple, we found it only fitting to keep the pacing of this trailer on the up and up. After all, there is no containing the excitement and enthusiasm that is Sarv + Kevin.

A HUGE thank you to Kerrie Underhill from Platinum Weddings by Kerrie for helping to make the day go off without a hitch. Also, a shout out to Vanessa from Apertura for being not only incredibly easy to work with, but for also helping to facilitate some fantastic imagery around the grounds.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Say Hello to Ben

Twas' a fall evening in the middle of twilight. The sun kissing the hillside and the dust particles dancing in the fresh light streaking through the high tree line (sound of soft violins whispering in the background). He came to us in a little white basket upon a river near the far village. Wrapped in white linen, his baby tears barely kissing the sides of his cheeks. We took him in as our own and and knew one day he would learn the way (stronger violins, no longer whispering, but speaking). Not the way to the market or the way to the bowling alley. No. A much deeper and longer path that involved struggle and passion (cue epic film music here). The way which most dare not travel. Where dragons and uber-beasts feast on the flesh of the weak. The way where the sun never is seen and darkness is a close friend. The way. . . . . . wait for it. . . . . . wait for it. . . . . of the . . . . . . CINE-WARRIOR (crescendo of epic film music, now calm and bring it back my violin friends).

Through his struggles of trial and tribulation, and billions and billions of hours filming and editing, he grew. From a cine-tadpole to a cine-lizard (violins getting louder). Further he scoured the land of composition and light, bearing his mistakes like weights upon his ankles. From cine-llama to cine-buffalo (louder violins, louder!). Through the valley of juxtaposition to the hills of storytelling. From cine-gorilla to cine-beast (louder violins, louder! Louder than you've ever been in your little violin lives!). And today, August 2nd, 2010, marks the end of his journey as a child baby cine-warrior to a full grown adult pure radness man cine-warrior (crash, crescendo, wow, emotion. . . and scene).

And what, you may ask, happens when this child baby cine-warrior reaches full grown adult pure radness man cine-warrior status???

We hire him full time. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we welcome Ben full time to the crew and can't wait for his vision, creativity, and excitement for what we do to play out into our work over and over again.

Did he really think he could just walk in here without us putting up a formal introduction??? Welcome to the team buddy. World, say hello to Ben.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Friday Double Post // Smile Recognition + Shutter Booth

We recently attended a Canon Workshop series with the ever talented folks from Stillmotion. While we examined all sorts of technical aspects to filmmaking like lens choice, composition, lighting design, and work flow. . . . . we also had a fun little opportunity to produce a 30 second spot for Canon's new Powershot with Smile Recognition. Cool little camera. Instead of a timer, you set it up and it won't take the picture until the faces in the frame smile. Creepy. . .but cool. Check it out:

Canon Spot (Not a real commercial, please don't remove Vimeo Peeps!) from Weddings by SML on Vimeo.

As the second part of this post. . . another tasteless, shameless, and yes absurd sighting of the crew in a photo booth with Tracie + John from last Saturday. Special thanks to the folks from Shutter Booth. I must say, I have become a fan of the over sized shades. Ben prefers the Kanye look, and Dave??? Well, he just likes to wear hot dog hats. Let's just say this photo was the tip of the iceberg with Tracie + John. Easily a trailer that we can't wait to cut. . . . stay tuned :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pia + Ryan // Sneakers & Shoes

The key to every couple is their story. The story always defines who and what we are and even more importantly, what we are all about. Every time we meet with a couple, we look for the things that make them unique, interesting, and separate them from others.

Sure, everyone is going to share some vows or the exchange of a kiss at the end of a ceremony, but we want to know what it is it that makes a couple unique. What separates them from all others and helps to tell their story? In Pia + Ryan's case, it's simply sneakers & shoes.

You see, when we first met this wonderful couple, the first thing that stood out were the sneakers Ryan was wearing, and after a simple comment about the kicks, Ryan revealed that (at the time) he owned over 300 pairs of sneakers. . . . . not a typo. . . . . over 300 pairs. Then Pia revealed that her love for shoes was not to be sold short as she also owned shoes into the triple digit count. Let's just say that they have some serious shoe equity :-)

Well, from that point on, it was a given that the guys (and girls) would be rockin' some special footwear the day of and we were determined to tie it into their story. So you will see a fun little sequence in this trailer that takes place before the grand entrance as the guys needed to go to their car to grab their custom kicks. We searched everywhere and couldn't find one of the groomsmen, and then, at the last minute, he finally showed up. He was hanging out at the bar, who would have thought? So we inserted him last minute as you'll see. Also, a shout out to the INSANE photo backdrop (not a photo-booth, this thing took up an entire room!) and the ever talented Gregorio Bumatay of Bumatay Studio for snapping stunning imagery the day of. Thanks also to to Majell Del Castillo of MDC Events for keeping the timeline on track!

Pia and Ryan, you're style rocks and even better, the fact that you were willing to be yourselves on the day of your wedding makes us smile every time we see this trailer. Enjoy!

P.S. - All of our couples know that we are suckers for photobooths! Thank you again to Greg for shooting us these photos!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Brianne + Bill = Dancergy + A Same Day Edit

What a wedding. On so many levels was this day truly enjoyable. There is nothing more rewarding than when we can say that not only has a couple been one of our clients, but they have become our friends as well. Brianne + Bill are two of the nicest, most genuine and sincere individuals we have been able to work with and it was an honor to be a part of their day!

So here's the story. . . .

Brianne is a lifetime dancer as well as dance instructor for a local High School. In fact, we first met Brianne because she used us to film some dances for her classes at school. Bill is an attorney and now. . . dancer extraordinaire. . . well at least according to the video we made for them:-)

Wanting to take their reception to the next level, we thought it would be fun to build up to their first dance by showing a fun little "Dancing with the Stars" type short directly preceding the dance itself. This way all of the attention would be focused on their first dance, which Brianne had choreographed herself! All of the guests know Brianne is the dancer, so the play was for Bill to be teaching Brianne the dance steps for their first dance as Brianne clearly had no idea what she was doing.

Needless to say, the video was a hit, and of course we filmed some of the reactions, as well as their first dance so we could show all of it here!

To take it a step further, we went in the completely opposite direction for their same day edit with a wonderful interview narrated piece that truly revealed just how in love these two are with one another.

From a Spoof Video to a dramatic Same Day Edit. From Laughter to Tears. This one had it all, and here are three different clips for you to check out.

This is the spoof video that was created for their guests to see directly before they took the dance floor for their first dance:

This is the Same Day Edit that was shown later in the evening:

This is the spoof video with reactions cut into it AS WELL AS the actual first dance from the reception (NOTE: the reaction shots are dark because we didn't want to distract the guests with lighting. So we simply filmed the reactions in the dark and bumped up the gain on our cameras. That is why you may see some pixelation in the reaction shots):

Also, I wanted to give a VERY LARGE THANK YOU to Peter Papadopoulos from Vive Entertainment for all of his help at the reception with the audio, setup, and testing of the video presentations for the evening. Truly an exceptional guy who does a great job moving the reception along! Also, special thanks to Kathleen Clark from KCP studios as well as the honorable Jeffrey L. Gunther who performed a fantastic ceremony service.

Monday, July 12, 2010

CreativeLive, Chase Jarvis + A Live Wedding {Featuring Jasmine Star}

Over the July 4th weekend, I received a voicemail from a photographer by the name of Jasmine Star asking if I could collaborate on a video with her. As I first heard the voicemail, my hear skipped a beat. You see, Jasmine Star is a very well known photographer. How well known??. . .

She was voted one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2009 by peers in the industry. Top 10. . . . In the World.

Needless to say, flattered is not a word that does it justice when she contacted me to collaborate with her. and then my heart started beating again.

Jasmine is working with Chase Jarvis (HUGE COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER) and CreativeLive to host a free online seminar as she shoots a real wedding. . . LIVE. It's a crazy idea and Jasmine is just the photographer to pull it off. What an honor to create a video for such a vibrant personality with an addictive laugh and great sense of humor.

Congrats Jasmine!!! - and here is the video we produced for her:

UPDATE TO THIS POST: The other video that we created for her is now live as well. This video is Calling all couples to apply to be married LIVE in front of a massive photography community and anyone else who is down to watch! Check it out:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eric + Heather // How Much I Love You

Often times the bride and groom are asked to write their own vows to one another. Perhaps they recite what their beau reminds them of, or the thoughts that come to mind on their wedding day. We found Eric's vows to Heather to stand out on a few fronts. First, he said he wasn't going to make it through without crying, which was true, because he made it eleven words in before he got choked up.

All kidding aside, Eric decided to explain just how much he loves Heather in his vows, and we must say that he loves her. . . . . a lot.

A huge congratulations to the newlyweds and the best truly is yet to come. In the meantime, check out their wedding and his vows below!

Enjoy :-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Tie a Bowtie // A Collaboration of Greatness

About a month ago, we made the decision to add a wonderful addition to the office space by bringing in two amazing photographer friends by the names of Gabriel Ryan and Carlie Renee. It's always great to bounce ideas off other professionals in the industry, get feedback from a different perspective (photo vs. cinema), and have a great time working with others on a daily basis. What better way then to move them in???

We knew going into this that inevitably we would work on various future projects together down the road, but we never thought we would have such a great opportunity just a few weeks in!

So, two weeks ago was our first collaboration. . . . .

The chic ladies from Utterly Engaged (also the creators of a wonderful little gem of a find in Tustin called The Wedding Pantry) asked us to create a tutorial on how to tie a bowtie, which they wanted to feature in Issue 011 of their wonderful, unique, and first of its kind Wedding E-Magazine. Instantly we knew two things: 1.) It had to be funny and 2.) Bailey (the boxer) had to be in the tutorial. So after an hour of filming, 45 minutes of editing, and 9 bags of dog treats later, we came up with this, and we are pretty happy with the result, if we don't say so ourselves. Maybe we are jaded because of the cute little dog in the bowtie. . . . . you be the judge.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Twitter / Facebook Era

Facebook and Twitter and us, oh my!! Never thought this would happen, but the time has finally come that we will now be giving you the ability to follow us on Twitter and be our friend on Facebook straight from the blog! Check out our hugely oversized icons to the left!!!!!

Oh yes, I know you are so excited and we are so anxious to have followers and friends. Our need for attention has reached a boiling point, so come one, come all. Be our friends and follow us everywhere. . . . . 140 letters at a time.

Seriously though, come follow us. We feel very lonely right now on Twitter. So lonely that I've posted the icon again right beneath this so you can click on it and follow away!

Follow WeddingsbySML on Twitter

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Christopher + Gina // Can I Keep You?

We always encourage couples to go for it. Not the marriage part. . . they are already going for that; the details and the special touches, just go for it and have fun. Christopher + Gina did just that. From writing their own letters to one another for the ceremony, to the rhinestone message on the bottom of Gina's shoes, they went for it and truly made the day their own.

These two were married at the beautiful Los Willos in Fallbrook. Tucked away back in the hills, this venue offered a secluded setting for everyone to enjoy, not to mention one fun aspect was the Brides arrival to the ceremony. As everyone looked down the aisle, she came in across the lake via boat, which was cool. . . and we also had a little fun with the bouquet and the Rolls Royce.

Another aspect of the day was the lighthearted fun that both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen were having as they were getting ready. While the guys were attempting to figure out how to use suspenders, the girls were busy having sword fights with twizzlers.

A wonderful shout out to David Torralva as it was great to reunite and work with him again. Many thanks as well to Alex Grammatico from Pro Sound DJs for being so easy and accommodating to work with.

and here it is, Christopher + Gina // I Do

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Best Kind of Email

We recently filmed Jen + Kevin's wedding and showed you a double highlight feature of both the artistic side of their day as well as the incredibly fun Shamrocker's set at the reception. Just this past week, we delivered their film and within 24 hours, we received this email. I like to post these kinds of emails because they tell you what a couple feels once they have an opportunity to relive their day weeks afterwards through the film:


We received our wedding DVDs today and it took all my willpower to wait for Kevin to get home tonight before watching it! As expected based on how amazing the highlight film was, the full length film totally blew us away. We felt like we relived the night all in 25 minutes. You guys hit on everything we were looking for. It was so fun to see all the stuff we missed, especially the footage of each of us and our attendants before the ceremony. And then to make it even better, all of the special features – the ceremony, speeches and of course the full Shamrockers performance. A simple thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to express our gratitude. Thinking about how we will share this film with our friends and families for years to come, with our children, with their children, we are so grateful to have had such a talented team capture and edit it all for us. So please know this is more than a simple thank you, this is the biggest, most sincere and heartfelt thank you from us and our family!! THANK YOU!!! We could not love our final film more or be more pleased with your work and professionalism.

All the best,

Jen & Kevin Daly"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rolyn + Stephanie // A Big Woody SDE

Rolyn + Stephanie's wedding was 12 years in the making, as Stephanie will happily tell you:-) So as the day approached and they needed to pick a song for the Same Day Edit, it is only fitting that they chose "All in" by Lifehouse.

From our first meeting, we were taken back by how easy going and just plain nice Rolyn + Stephanie were. We felt as though this really poured the pressure on because we wanted to do something unique to make their Same Day Edit stand out and reflect just how fun and cool their day was. It doesn't hurt when the ceremony is at the one and only Mission Basilica in San Juan at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. This church has Ornate written all over it and the footage from inside is breathtaking. We knew we were in for a treat with the church, but another unknown surprise was their transportation. Rolyn + Stephanie decided to go for the ultimate beach ride in a giant woody. For more info on the Bus, check out the company's website HERE.

As soon as we saw this crazy contraption, we knew it was going to be showcased in their Same Day Edit, along with all the fun footage from the Mission Grounds and the reception. A special thank you to Jan Walker and Jennifer Mildner from Magnolia's Floral Design for allowing us to film as they setup the reception venue. Also, a shout out to Mardy Divina from Your Divine Wedding.

So here it is, Rolyn + Stephanie // A Big Woody SDE. Enjoy! :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jen + Kevin // A Double Highlight

We were excited from the start for this wedding because we are always pumped for new venues and having never filmed at Balboa Park in San Diego, not to mention The Prado, so we were all in.

Jen + Kevin were simply icing on the cake because they are potentially one of the nicest couples we have ever worked with, not to mention they like to party. . . . all night. Kevin plays in a family band (The Shamrockers, and yes they even have a WEBSITE) and has done so for years, so it was a given that they were going to put on a set at the reception and how could we possibly leave that out, right?? So, we decided to take this edit in a different direction creating a double highlight. First, the stuff we love to do with a song we have been holding in our back pocket for the right wedding. Then, we jump into the party with Kevin and the rest of the Shamrockers.

Before we get started, a couple important notes. 1.) Will Parris from Parris Studios is a saint. That is the only word that can describe this photographer sent from the heavens to save our butts. As Jen + Kevin's shoot concluded, we left Balboa Park and beautiful San Diego only to realize when we got home that not only did we leave San Diego, we also left several batteries and chargers. Long story short, Will grabbed all the gear we left behind and dropped it off for us on his way back up to Orange County. A SAINT. . . . Thank you Will, not to mention he took the sweet photo booth pics below :-)

Special shout out to Susanne from Crown Weddings for all of her help the day of. Also, a plug to Karen Tran Florals as they were a large reason for why the footage looked so great at a stunning reception.

And here it is. . . . Jen + Kevin // A Double Highlight


P.S. - We are suckers for Photobooths. . . . thanks Will!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Jim + Barbara // The Silver Spoons

Fun. That is quite possibly the easiest way to sum up Jim + Barbara's relationship, their personalities, and their wedding. These two just wanted to have a good time with some of their closest friends and family.

It was almost as though the ceremony was simply a formality and the true purpose of everyone coming together was simply to eat some amazing food, listen to incredible music, and partake in one crazy party. . . and they did.

But, first, as we are suckers for great stories, this one has a very unique facet. Barbara plays the spoons. If you have no idea what that means, don't worry, neither did we, but since it was made clear to us that she would be playing the spoons at the reception, we had to get the background info. Thus enjoy a unique trailer that has two sides, and whatever you do, be sure to stay until the end for my personal favorite shot of the day :-)

A HUGE thank you to Kathy Nosek from A Divine Occasion as she was a very big reason for why the day ran so smoothly. Also, we had the opportunity to work with Larry from Crandall Photo, be sure to check out his site for some incredible imagery!

Finally, we have filmed many weddings, but these guys really stand out. If you are looking for a top notch band, you simply have to check out Chuck Wansley and the Chuck Wansley Band. Just go to their site and click on the video. I promise they are as good as I've seen, not to mention, they are playing along with Barbara and her spoons :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dave + Lindsay // The Anatomy of an Engagement

We have been very lucky with the opportunity to share so many couples' stories of how they dated, fell in love, and ended up where they are on their wedding day, but never have we had an opportunity quite like the one that presented itself this week.

Dave, one of our cinematographers (and my brother), decided it was time to pop the question to his now fiance, Lindsay. So, being that we are suckers for good stories, what better an opportunity than to unfold the crazy story of what goes into a proposal. You will learn what happened as you watch, but just a couple fun behind the scenes points of interest.

1.) The ring really did arrive less than 5 minutes before Lindsay got to the house to go out to dinner.

2.) The gratuitous shot of the boxer in the back of the car is Bailey, our beloved four legged critter.

3.) Jackie (my wife) was more nervous than the guy popping the question, and was hiding on the beach along with me for the filming of the actual proposal.

4.) The majority of this film was shot and edited all in the same day (until 1:30 in the morning to be exact) so that Dave and Lindsay could surprise all of their family and friends by posting it on Facebook this morning. I'm sure they have received a few text messages by now :-)

So with cameras rolling days before, during, and after the big question, we came up with this. . .

The Anatomy of an Engagement.

A HUGE thank you to the following people:

1.) Steve Kim at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar for letting us film in his restaurant. Such a great guy and the food at this place is unreal. Great spot for a special occasion.

2.) Eric Sahagian from Mars Jewelry. An old friend, fraternity brother, and amazing jewelry manufacturer. Couldn't have done it without you.

and thanks to the family for playing along as we put this all together. You know who you are.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vicente + Deanna // A Sentimental SDE

We took a different approach to this Same Day Edit, so be sure to let us know what you think!

In the past, we have put some funky, funny, and all around crazy cuts together for our couples and their guests to enjoy at the reception. With Vicente + Deanna, we wanted to slow it down a bit and tell a story.

So we brought Lorinda's (Maid of Honor) toast into the edit and tied into the emotion and excitement that was clearly evident at every turn of the day.

Thank you to Michelle Johnson from MichelleJohnsonPhotography for being such a plesure to work with and a very special thank you to Scott Yoffe from Entertainment Express as he was pivitol in helping us to tie everything together for the edit. Also, if you are looking for a venue for a wedding, go no further than Padua Hills Theatre. Just watch the SDE and check it out for yourself!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jill + Matt // The Blind Date

Jill + Matt are the perfect fit. A little faith in some good friends and a double date set the spark that has since created a relationship described as inseparable and meant for one another.

Perhaps my favorite aspect to this wedding was that it was simple, yet so beautiful. Jill got ready at her parents house; the wedding dress hanging in the bedroom she grew up in. We can't take all the credit for the story in this trailer as Heather Puhek from Beauty and the Beach was asking the questions, but we just happened to be there, so why not film, right???

As Jill and the girl finished up, Matt was waiting at the church with his best friend. The reception was held at the one and only Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda. As the sun touched the hillside and the day unveiled the evening, Jill + Matt were surrounded by the closest of family and friends.

A very special thank you to Gabriel Ryan from Gabriel.Ryan.Photographers. He was extremely accommodating throughout the day and gave us the flexibility to get creative with the coverage.

Gabriel also happened to be kind enough to lend us the photo you see below. Click here to check out his blog post of the day, where you will find more stunning imagery from this very talented man.

Keeping in the simple theme, we give you Jill + Matt. A simple romance. documented. enjoy.

On a separate note, I would like to give a shout out to Eric from Extreme DJ for always rockin' the reception. In fact, on this occasion, Ben and I teamed up with Gabriel and Carlie in a new tradition. For lack of a better term, I'm going to refer to this from now on as "Ghostriding the Cake". LOL, enjoy

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jason + Kristina // An Eclectic SDE

What do Donuts, Kanye Glasses, Lucha Libre Masks, Cardboard Cutouts, Bobble Heads, Cinderella, and Utility Knives have in common??? LOL, this Same Day Edit of course!

Jason + Kristina is one of the most enjoyable couples we have been able to work with and their personality and style is in a class all its own. When we first arrived at the beautiful Hilton in Pasadena, we couldn't help but notice the life size cardboard cutouts of these two sitting in Kristina's suite. We simply had to find a corky way to incorporate those into the open for this larger than life SDE.

Jason, the self proclaimed King of Donuts, decided to give all of his groomsmen Lucha Libre masks and they in turn decided to wear them, which was beyond entertaining. From the "Power Up" to the Kung Fu Demonstration during the grand entrance, there was plenty of camera chemistry to go around.

As the reception ran along, the party grew larger and as the Same Day Edit was presented to over 250 guests, the footage was barely a couple hours old.

Special thanks to Joe Paxton from Atmosphere Entertainment for providing a rockin' reception, as always. Thank you also to Theresa from Hustle and Bustle Events for keeping the night on track.

And here it is, Jason + Kristina // an eclectic SDE . . .

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michael + Rachel // Unwritten Love

Just days before the filming of this wedding, we contacted Michael + Rachel's amazing coordinator, Kelly from Mint Weddings (shameless plug: if you need a superior coordinator look no further than Kelly!), to go over the final timeline. It was then that we were told that Scott Russo from the band Unwritten Law was going to be singing an acoustic version of "Cailin" for their first dance.

You see, Unwritten Law is one of Michael + Rachel's all time favorite bands and what better way to surprise your wife-to-be than to bring the lead singer from the band to your wedding to perform your song for the first dance. . . . . tough to beat that one.

So as Rachel sat clueless upstairs at their ultra lounge reception for hours, Scott carefully snuck in the back door to the downstairs club and needless to say, it was an epic surprise. When looking to put together Michael + Rachel's highlights, how could we not make use of such a great performance and memorable moment?

So here you have it, Michael + Rachel // Unwritten Love
Enjoy! -Steve

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From Weddings to Energy Drinks

When we were first contacted by Rockstar Energy Drink to put together a concept video for their models, we were taken back to learn that they had found us because of a blog post from a wedding. . .

It is so rewarding and so much fun to take so many of the techniques we apply to weddings and bring them to life in the corporate model as well. So here is the concept video we put together for Rockstar Energy Drink. {Follow Up Note: We just filmed another feature for Rockstar, so stay tuned for another fun post :-)}

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April + Casey ~ The Matron of Honor

Periodically, we have the privilege of filming a sibling of a past bride or groom and it is always both a pleasure and a blast as we get to see old faces and reunite with some of our favorites.

April is the younger sister or Danielle, whose wedding we filmed several years back. Since we recently posted a fun clip highlighting the Best Man, why not give the Matron of Honor her due?

Plus, to make things a little more fun, we couldn't help but show the commotion that took place prior to the ceremony with the bridesmaids as they frantically recited their last minute rehearsal of where and how to stand just minutes before the ceremony began. . .

A special thank you to Scott Soluk with Off the Record Entertainment for being so easy to work with and helpful at the reception.

Without further adieu, April + Casey.

Monday, March 29, 2010

It Runs in the Family

While I am most certainly a filmmaker, I would still consider my craft a form of photography. After all, movies are nothing but a succession of images shown one frame after another to simulate the look of "motion". So, in a round-a-bout way, I consider myself a photographer, too. :-)

Over the past two weeks, my father was cleaning out my grandfather's house and he found a few cameras that had been stored away for many decades by now. One belongs to my grandfather. It is the F-2 Nikon series for all you Nikon junkies out there. A cool camera that still works just fine I might add. My grandfather used to go to the Dodger games with a Media Pass and photograph the players back in the Koufax, Drysdale era. My father grew up in the press box at the Ravine and I still haven't forgiven him for wearing and losing, might I add, BOTH ballcaps that Don Drysdale wore during the 1963 and 1965 world series. I suppose you take those things for granted when you are a kid. He also decided it was best to play catch with a ball that was signed by the ENTIRE 1963 world series Dodgers team (for those that don't know or care, in the right condition, that ball would be worth over $10,000 today). I still have the ball, but you can barely make out any of the signatures. Another story for another blog post. In any case, my grandfather's camera is sightly vintage, but nothing like the other camera my father found in my grandfather's closet.

I must admit that I didn't think I would be as fascinated as I was today and I must say it is such a cool feeling to hold your great-grandfather's camera. I never knew the man, but I could only imagine the pictures he must have taken and how great he felt when he first held this camera.

The Eastman Kodak No. 3a - Autographic Junior Model-A was made from 1914-1926. My grandfather wasn't able to tell me what year it was purchased, but based on the fact that it is a Model A (there was a Model B and C), and the last patent on the casing shows 1917 as the date, I think this camera was likely purchased around 1918, which would make it 92 years old.

The shutter still works and the camera is in surprisingly decent condition. A little rust and the side strap is broken off, but all in all, I think it would still take a picture. Such a great little piece of history and I'm so stoked to have such an amazing family heirloom sitting in the studio. There are now 3 different generations of cameras proudly sitting on display.

My Grandfathers Nikon F-2 Series. . .

My Great Grandfather's Eastman Kodak No. 3a Autographic Junior Model-A . . .

3 Generations and their respective gear . . .

Such a Sick Family Heirloom!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Rant {The Importance of a Good Wedding Film}

As a wedding filmmaker, I feel as though our job can become a twofold approach. It is not uncommon for us to meet with couples and have the first thing they say be, "At first, we really weren't interested in having a wedding video". Back when I used to hear this, I would want to become defensive of our industry, but the truth is that over time I have learned that most couples simply don't know:

1.) the difference between a "wedding video" and a "wedding film"

2.) what a good film looks like

3.) what huge regret they will have if they don't document their day in the way it deserves to be documented

4.) They are overwhelmed by all the garbage they find combing through the endless demos they find on the internet. A montage of slow motion clips to a sappy song. . . sound familiar???

It is because of these factors that I often tell our couples to "throw every preconceived notion they have about a "wedding video" out the window", because to be honest, that phrase doesn't do our craft justice.

A wedding film is much more than a regurgitation of the days events. We are not here to show you what happened that day all over again. Uncle Joe will be more than happy to do that with his handi-cam over lunch at his house. We are here to show you your day in a way you never thought was possible. We are here to create a piece of art that not only you can watch, but your friends, your family, and even strangers will enjoy as well. There are so many facets to one day that go unnoticed and it is our job to bring those to the forefront. We are here to do what no "wedding video" can do. . . . we are here to tell your story through a film. You will laugh, cry, laugh again, then grab the tissues, and I GUARANTEE any groom who says, "why do we even need a video" will reconsider once we show you what we can do with a camera and a couple hours.

I received this card in the mail just a few days ago from one of our brides who gets it. While she may not use the lingo (film vs. video), she understands what it is we can offer that no photographer can give you. Don't get me wrong, the photographs are incredibly important, but don't tell me a good wedding film should ever take a back seat to a photo album.

When the flowers have wilted, the linens have been returned, the dress put away in a box, and the gifts have been opened. . . . all that will remain are your pictures AND your wedding film. Just my 2 cents.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nancy + Jack // The Push-Up Parade

One of the great parts about sharing the big day with our couples is we are constantly introduced to new firsts and fun traditions. With each culture comes different customs, some dating back thousands of years. The Tea Ceremonies, the signing of the Ketubah, or perhaps, henna on the palms. Each culture is different and amazing in its own way, but I think some of the Chinese traditions are without a doubt, the most entertaining to experience.

So the way it works is, Jack is to meet up with Nancy prior to the ceremony. As he approaches the house where Nancy is getting ready, he has to yell at the top of his lungs, "Hello Nancy Yip, I'm here to Marry You". At this point, her bridesmaids and friends come down and make Jack and his groomsmen answer a series of questions and perform tasks to gain entrance through the front door. Trivia is usually related to the bride and groom's relationship.

. . . . . well, for every question they get wrong (i.e. guessing which lipstick is Nancy's by looking at a bunch of lips pressed against a piece of paper, or guessing which artist is singing the song they are hearing) they have to do push-ups.

Let's just say Jack and the Groomsmen got their workout for the day, as you'll see in the clip below. Enjoy Nancy + Jack :-)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Brent + Denise // aka Brenise

I feel as though I've said this 5 thousand times now, but for some reason, nothing ever gets old about vineyard weddings. I suppose that sentence deserves a, "well, duh!", however I felt the need to write the sentence anyways.

Brent + Denise, or Brenise, as they affectionately refer to themselves, set the scene for a vineyard in October. With the fall effect in full swing, these two tied the knot in one of the most romantic ceremonies we have ever been a part of. The craziest part is that the readings were so good, that we didn't even include their hand written vows to one another in this trailer. . . you have to save a little candy for the feature film, you know?

So instead, we focused on a very simple, yet powerful reading defining the concept of Marriage. For you married folks out there, myself included, this reading couldn't be closer to the truth on so many levels, so be sure to pay attention as you watch this clip. From the beautiful overflowing vines to a sneak glimpse at the officiant while he was rehearsing on a bench prior to the ceremony, this trailer incorporates some great imagery tied together with a very prophetic reading about marriage.

A very special thanks and shout out to Lane Dittoe, photographer extraordinaire for all his help on the big day and Joe over at Atmosphere Entertainment for keeping the party rockin'.

. . . and here it is, Brent + Denise // aka Brenise

-enjoy! - Steve

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Josh + Leah // Good Things Come in Small Packages

We posted Josh + Leah's Same Day Edit a while back, but I wanted to post it side by side with their trailer to emphasize the difference between the two. Storytelling is a big portion of what we do, and while the Same Day Edit is a great vehicle to show your guests the day in a way they didn't know was possible, our edits after the shoot are where we have the time to really be meticulous. I've posted both the Same Day Edit and the Trailer next to one another for you to check out.

The Same Day Edit. . .

Their Trailer. . .

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Billy + Amy // A Winery Wedding

Of all the venues that are at the disposal of any given couple, there is something timeless and so romantic about a fall wedding on a vineyard. Billy + Amy were married in style at Ponte Family Estate. I could begin to write on about all the details, but it's so much better to simply check out the trailer. . .

A special shout out to Joel and Studio EMP for being a pleasure to work with as always. True professionals with a rockin' eye for stunning imagery, check em' out!

A beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple. . . . .

Enjoy :-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Weddings by SML Wins 2010 Bride's Choice Awards

2010 Bride's Choice Awards - Wedding Photographers, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Venues & More Weddings, Wedding Planning, Wedding Websites, Wedding Checklists

So today was pretty exciting when we received the word that WeddingWire has just announced Weddings by SML has been selected to receive the WeddingWire 2010 Bride’s Choice Awards for Wedding Videography!!!

The annual Bride’s Choice Awards recognizes and celebrates excellence in quality and service within the wedding industry, as determined by recent reviews and extensive surveys from over 500,000 newlyweds.

So what this means is Weddings by SML is among the top five percent of all vendors in the WeddingWire community, which includes over 100,000 wedding professionals across the US and Canada!

We are honored to be considered among the very best within the WeddingWire Network and a very large thank you goes out to all our couples for nominating us for the 2010 Bride’s Choice Awards!!!

Here's to another fun and exciting year in 2010!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Tina + Lucas ~ The Best Man

One of the many signs of a great relationship is change for the better. When a couple can support one another and help to shape each other into the people they long to be over the course of a lifetime, that is true love.

Lucas and Tina are clearly in a great relationship. Lucas' best man gave a toast that was short and simple, but we think it is the best toast we have heard in a long time. Filled with nothing but heart felt words of honesty and emotion, it was truly an honor to have the opportunity to share it through their trailer.

While clever phrases and well timed punch lines seem to dominate the reception mic, sometimes simplicity is best.

We posted Tina + Lucas' Same Day Edit, if you missed it, check it out here. So for their trailer, we didn't want to give away too much good stuff, so in the spirit of the post, we kept it simple :-)

A very special thank you and shout out to Joe Broccardo from Broccardo Photography. Not only can he create amazing imagery, he's handy with a needle. Thimble not included. See for yourself. . .

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brian + Kimberly // The North Chapel + A Navy Wedding

One of the most rewarding and challenging parts of our business is the ability to provide the ultimate keepsake of a day filled with so much emotion and tradition. This wedding was even more challenging in that Brian is in the Navy and was deployed off to Afghanistan shortly after the big day, so it goes without saying that a lot of trust was placed in us by Kimberly to document their wedding. . . . no pressure, right???

. . . . The two were married in the North Chapel at Liberty Station Marketplace. Built in 1942 by the United States Navy as a place of worship for thousands of recruits and serviceman, it was a beautiful site for a military wedding to take place.

So here it is, Brian + Kimberly!

Enjoy :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nikki + Chris // Best Friends

What is it about Bagpipes? There is nothing better than watching a bride, or in this case, the groomsmen walk into the ceremony with nothing playing but a bagpipe. It simply resonates and gives me chills when I hear it. So it had to be included in Nikki + Chris' trailer.

Married at the beautiful Coto De Caza Gold and Racquet Club, Nikki + Chris celebrated in style all night long. It was only fitting that they should choose a classic Queen song, as it is clear they truly are best friends.


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