Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Tribute to my Wife

As a child, I hated the rain. Rain meant no recess, no outdoor activities, no playing hockey on the cul de sac after school. Rain meant cold and wet. Wet socks. Wet clothes. Wet backpacks. Rain made me take an umbrella everywhere I went. Rain sucked.

My wife, Jackie, LOVES the rain. To her as a child, rain meant her favorite sweatshirt, a cup of hot chocolate, the fireplace, and a good book. I never liked to read.

As I've grown older, rain doesn't bother me as much anymore. In fact, as the storms usher in the winter, I almost welcome the rain as a refreshing change to the scorching sun of the summer. With rain comes fresh air and new seasons. A clean slate and an opportunity to reflect. Now that I'm no longer a child, I find myself becoming more like my wife and on that note, this is what we saw outside the studio this morning as we were editing away. The rain reminds me of Jackie, and that is reason enough to post this clip, a tribute to her.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Miss Rockstar Energy AMA Motocross

In a continued effort to share some of the projects that we work on outside of the wedding world, we decided to share another Rockstar shoot with everyone out there. This one took place at Suzuki's factory and involved Danielle, Miss Rockstar Energy AMA. It can be found on Rockstar's website and we would be lying if we said it wasn't any fun to put together. Enjoy :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Keren + Pieter // Love

Soulmate. By itself, a word that is defined as somebody whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity with. But, there is so much more as we all know. A soulmate is the smile when you aren't having your best day. A soulmate is the off beat giggle when you tell a joke that really isn't that funny. A soulmate is the eyes you look into every morning knowing that this is the one. Keren + Pieter are soulmates.

We know this because of the way they connect every time they see each other. The way they look completed by simply being in the presence of one another. It's funny that we use a piece of audio in this trailer that is mumbled by Pieter as he gets dressed for the ceremony. "I'm really lucky. I've got everything I want and everything I could possibly need." In a society that focuses on "things", sometimes the one "thing" that is most important is easiest to see on the wedding day.

As Keren got ready for the day, a day which she scheduled around the USC football schedule, she watched her team via streaming online while sharing a laugh with the girls as they did hair and makeup, and ultimately a prayer as they prepared for the ceremony. The guys, on the other hand, got dressed over beers. Beers that Pieter's brother couldn't separate with as he made the trek from one end of the hotel to the other to deliver Keren her gift from Pieter.

And as the two opened their gifts, "things" if you will, they both were excited and said "wow" and "pretty", but it was the moments just before opening the gifts when they were reading the cards, hand written from one another, while fighting back teary eyes that showed what "thing" is most important on the wedding day and every day for the rest of their lives. Love.

A very special thank you to Courtney Toney from Joyful Weddings and Events for her help in orchestrating such a wonderful day. Also a shout out to our friend Jasmine Star from Jasmine Star Photography. Always great to work with good people on these shoots and Jasmine and Courtney rock!

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