Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sam and Krista Barton - Same Day Edit

Sam and Krista are not your ordinary couple. In fact, it is their unique tastes that compliment one another so well. From Sam's insistence on rockin' the Converse All Stars with the Groomsmen, to Krista's preference for Pink. . . pink bouquets, pink dresses, pink ties, and even a pair of pink heels for herself, all the attention to detail is what made this wedding stand out. Shot on location at the beautiful Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach.

Working with Tony and Marion from Elegant Photography is always a great time. Their work speaks for itself and their upbeat attitude brings out the best in the photographs they create. A very special thank you to Ryan Anderson from Station Identification for helping us to ensure that the sound for the Same Day Edit played flawlessly. With a distance of over 60 feet from the DJ booth to the projector, the presentation could not have happened without their expertise and professionalism! And as always, Allison from Flower Allie providing beautiful pink roses for the special day.

This one had to be cut in a hurry. With just 3 hours to get everything together, it was a mad dash to the finish line, but we pulled it off in true Weddings by SML style! ENJOY!!!


Heather Davis said...

The video was beautiful. It really captured the magic of that day! You guys did a great job.

Ryan said...

Amazing! I really wish that you did the same day edit when I got married.

I can't believe the amount of creativity that went into that footage. The crazy part was that you did it in such a short period of time which goes to show how good you are at what you do.

The coolest part was that as a family member or part of the wedding party, you normally miss out on the little details because you are so busy with everything else.

It was great sitting back and watching the video of the day's events that same night. You get to look at all of the details that you normally might not have appreciated until weeks later when you get the photos back.

GREAT WORK! Very artistic!

Amy said...

That video was amazing! I can't believe you were able to do that the same day.

I was very impressed with the creative footage. You guys really think outside the box!!!

Hilary said...

I loved the extra touch this added to the wedding! It was totally unexpected and it really summed up the spirit of the day. I can't believe how quickly it was put together, I've seen fully edited wedding videos from other companies that didn't look as good. Great Job!

Tara Clark said...

I was so sad that I couldn't be there, but thank God for this video. What a beautiful touch! I know it isn't quite the same thing as being there in person, but at least this helped me to see how amazing Krista & Sam looked and how gorgeous the wedding was!!

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