Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First Love

So, yes. . . this is a wedding cinema blog. . . and yes. . . you come here to check out fun clips of all the crazy stuff we make. . . but this post is more for the guys out there, I hope you can all empathize with me. . . .

When I was 16 years old, I was given the option of going away to college or having a new car . . . . I know, I know. . . rough life. . . but, hey, what can I say.

So, seeing that I wasn't going to college for another year and a half (I was a junior), I decided on the car. That's when me and my Mustang were first introduced to one another. May of '99, bright red, shiny and new. . . wow was I in love, and my mustang was happy to have a new home.

Years of time, sweat, blood (definately cut up the fingers under the hood a few times), and MONEY, and then more MONEY, and then more MONEY went into my Mustang. I even took her to car shows, and she never dissapointed.

I'll never forget the time my father and I decided we were going to install Short Tube Headers into the car in the driveway. Started on a "5 hour project" on Friday afternoon. Well, by Sunday morning, we were almost ready to have the Mustang towed because it was not drivable with the pieces we had taken out, but simply couldn't figure out how to get back in. However, as all things in life, we worked it out, and the Mustang was that much greater of a car for it.

Just one month ago, my wife and I purchased a new car for her, which left us in a pickle, because now we have a 2 car garage, with 3 cars. . . hmmmm. Selling our SUV was not an option because we always use it for the mountains and lugging around our 4 legged child. So after much toiling and understanding the inevitable was coming. . . .I put my beloved Mustang up for sale.

Just hours after the Craigslist ad, several inquiries, and I almost wanted to tell them, "Just Kidding," but I had to go through with it. The thought of my Mustang just sitting in a parking space in front of our house collecting dust was almost as pain staking as turning over the keys to someone else. . .

Well, today I sold my Mustang, to a guy who truly was ecstatic to have it, which made me feel good, but wow I feel like I gave away a piece of me. To see his eyes light up when he came to pick up the car was funny. It felt like someone else was now looking at the car the way I always have. I must say that was comforting, much better than trading it into a dealership or giving it to someone who wouldn't appreciate it . . The car was truly my first love and although I'm sure anyone who is actually still reading this would say it was just a bunch of metal. . . it was much more to me.

So I write this post with a heavy heart and place in that heart that will always be reserved for a 16 year old's shiny new toy. . . my Mustang.

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