Friday, April 24, 2009

Mark and Alison {How Sweet it Is} A Same Day Edit

First and foremost, my sincerest apologies for neglecting the blog as of late. We have been gearing up for "Wedding Season" and I feel like I haven't been posting enough recently, but rest assured, this is the first of many to come in a short period of time!!!

Having said that, I couldn't be happier with the following Same Day Edit to get the season kicked off right!

Mark and Alison were married in Carlsbad at the beautiful Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church with their reception following at the Crossings in Carlsbad. We had the privilege to experience the day first hand from the champagne lunch with the girls, to the fondue fountain desert at the reception.

This same day edit is especially fun because we had the opportunity to interview the newlyweds before the wedding and get their take not only on the wedding day, but how they met, a thought or two about the baby pictures, and also some thank you's and warm words for the guests as everyone watched the presentation at the end of the night!

A HUGE shout out and thank you to the one and ONLY Amy Squires of Amy Squires and Co. Her work is second to none and we had such a blast working with her as well!

This was also our first shoot this year with our newest toy. . . the Canon 5D Mark II. Nothing like a 22 megapixel still camera that can also record High Definition Video at 1080P, and give us the opportunity to explore the world of 35mm lenses. (and if you didn't get that last sentence, it's okay. . . just watch the clip below and enjoy the ring shots :-)

Here's to the start of a jam-packed summer of fun weddings! - Steve :-)

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