Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why the Photo-Booth Rocks - Reason #423

So I was totally bummed because I took the greatest Photo-Booth Pictures with David and Melissa at their wedding back in January. I got back to the studio the following Monday and sure enough, I couldn't find the picture. I LOOKED EVERYWHERE.

Well, as time would have it, the picture finally popped up this past week when I opened a zipper I completely forgot I had in my camera bag.

And there you have it, reason #423 why the Photo-Booth Rocks - Because they allow you to find cool hide-away zipper pockets in your camera bag. (. . . . ok I know, not a good reason, but hey, why do you think it is all the way down at #423 ???)

P.S. - My favorite is the one down in the bottom right corner

What a great couple to work with!
- Steve :-)

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