Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cristina + Lucas - A Same Day Edit

I constantly refer to traditional weddings with large families being so much fun to film. Lucas and Cristina have VERY large families.

From the beginning of the day, the bridal suite was buzzing with excitement as the girls got ready. We met up with the guys downstairs at the bar and they were as relaxed as could be. Even when the guys lost a button off one of the tuxes, no problem, Joe Broccardo (Photographer + Seamstress Extraordinaire) was there to take care of it. The guys were just as easy to work with as the girls and it shows in the footage.

As we got to the reception. . . . "WOW" was all that came to mind. The guys from Atmosphere Entertainment didn't dissapoint and the room was immaculate. I cannot stress what a difference lighting can make at a reception and I think you will see with the grand entrance and the first dance footage what we were able to capture. It was a no brainer that it had to be included in this clip.

It was so rewarding to pull this edit together for the reception as 250+ guests sat and watched last night. A very large congratulations to Cristina + Lucas and here's to happiness and great memories in the years to come!

Truly a special day and a special couple!

Enjoy :-)

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Esther said...

steve, I adore this highlight! I can't wait to see namsil & jung's :)

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