Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michael + Rachel // Unwritten Love

Just days before the filming of this wedding, we contacted Michael + Rachel's amazing coordinator, Kelly from Mint Weddings (shameless plug: if you need a superior coordinator look no further than Kelly!), to go over the final timeline. It was then that we were told that Scott Russo from the band Unwritten Law was going to be singing an acoustic version of "Cailin" for their first dance.

You see, Unwritten Law is one of Michael + Rachel's all time favorite bands and what better way to surprise your wife-to-be than to bring the lead singer from the band to your wedding to perform your song for the first dance. . . . . tough to beat that one.

So as Rachel sat clueless upstairs at their ultra lounge reception for hours, Scott carefully snuck in the back door to the downstairs club and needless to say, it was an epic surprise. When looking to put together Michael + Rachel's highlights, how could we not make use of such a great performance and memorable moment?

So here you have it, Michael + Rachel // Unwritten Love
Enjoy! -Steve

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Steve, this video is incredible and truly let us relive such a special day in our lives. The video brought tears to our eyes and will be a gift we will forever treasure.

Thank you!
Rachel and Mikis

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