Monday, July 19, 2010

Brianne + Bill = Dancergy + A Same Day Edit

What a wedding. On so many levels was this day truly enjoyable. There is nothing more rewarding than when we can say that not only has a couple been one of our clients, but they have become our friends as well. Brianne + Bill are two of the nicest, most genuine and sincere individuals we have been able to work with and it was an honor to be a part of their day!

So here's the story. . . .

Brianne is a lifetime dancer as well as dance instructor for a local High School. In fact, we first met Brianne because she used us to film some dances for her classes at school. Bill is an attorney and now. . . dancer extraordinaire. . . well at least according to the video we made for them:-)

Wanting to take their reception to the next level, we thought it would be fun to build up to their first dance by showing a fun little "Dancing with the Stars" type short directly preceding the dance itself. This way all of the attention would be focused on their first dance, which Brianne had choreographed herself! All of the guests know Brianne is the dancer, so the play was for Bill to be teaching Brianne the dance steps for their first dance as Brianne clearly had no idea what she was doing.

Needless to say, the video was a hit, and of course we filmed some of the reactions, as well as their first dance so we could show all of it here!

To take it a step further, we went in the completely opposite direction for their same day edit with a wonderful interview narrated piece that truly revealed just how in love these two are with one another.

From a Spoof Video to a dramatic Same Day Edit. From Laughter to Tears. This one had it all, and here are three different clips for you to check out.

This is the spoof video that was created for their guests to see directly before they took the dance floor for their first dance:

This is the Same Day Edit that was shown later in the evening:

This is the spoof video with reactions cut into it AS WELL AS the actual first dance from the reception (NOTE: the reaction shots are dark because we didn't want to distract the guests with lighting. So we simply filmed the reactions in the dark and bumped up the gain on our cameras. That is why you may see some pixelation in the reaction shots):

Also, I wanted to give a VERY LARGE THANK YOU to Peter Papadopoulos from Vive Entertainment for all of his help at the reception with the audio, setup, and testing of the video presentations for the evening. Truly an exceptional guy who does a great job moving the reception along! Also, special thanks to Kathleen Clark from KCP studios as well as the honorable Jeffrey L. Gunther who performed a fantastic ceremony service.


wjbiopat said...

Thanks, SML Production, for applying your storytelling brilliance and video wizardry to these pieces. Your smart, fast, and attentive work surprised, moved, and amazed us and our guests. The memories you've captured and helped create will, no doubt, forever rekindle in us the joy of this most beautiful day.

-Bill & Brianne

Anonymous said...

I loved it, so sweet and fun. You are all genius!

Angela said...

Brianne and Bill's wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attending! These videos really show how much love, passion and fun this couple has! I was so impressed with how quickly they did the video at the reception and it was so professional! Great job!


Shawna said...

such an amazing experience!! The videos captured Bri and Bills relationship perfectly. Thank You, Thank You for your great work SML productions!

Anonymous said...

I love the videos!! What a great idea. The videos really captured the love that the two of them share for eachother.

Anonymous said...

What a truly wonderful piece of work! Being one that was unable to attend this beautiful day, watching these videos brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for capturing the beauty and joy that is Bill and Bri!!! -Alison

Steph said...

We sort of consider ourselves professional wedding attendees and this was our favorite wedding. The same-day edit was the icing on the cake. You guys are as wonderful as Bill and Bri! Thanks for making a great day even greater.

Vicki Allard said...

The wedding was a wonderful event, and the videos SML Production played during the reception were one of the best highlights of the day. SML exhibited true professionalism and creativity throughout the day. I can't wait to see the final video.

jia said...

Most amazing wedding wideos ever for the most amazing people.

jia said...

Most amazing wedding videos of the the most amazing couple.

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