Monday, December 13, 2010

Janelle + Scott // As Featured On Wedding Chicks

So. . . . . . the lovely ladies over at The Wedding Chicks asked us to take part in a crazy concept wedding shoot gone real. That's right, this shoot was originally going to be a concept spread (where they dress up a wedding, but have models as stand in Bride and Grooms), but then they found a REAL B&G, and in only 3 WEEKS, this wedding came together for real!!!

The details at this wedding were beyond off the hook, and lets just say my personal favorite was the patio heaters, so be sure to pay close attention to those! I'm posting the trailer here, but you can check out the FULL wedding as it is featured on Wedding Chicks with all the AMAZING vendors that were a part of it, by clicking HERE.

Thank you again Amy and Jocey for inviting us to the shin dig and here it is. . . . Janelle + Scott // As Featured on Wedding Chicks.

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Gatherings by Stacie said...

This is a very sweet little trailer! Wasn't it a beautiful day...

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