Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jason + Dina // An Abstract Approach

This one is most certainly interesting. Whether you like it or not, hopefully you can watch this and say, "I've never seen any other wedding trailer edited like that before."

Jason + Dina had such a unique and aesthetically beautiful wedding that we wanted to take a unique, albeit abstract approach to their trailer. The inspiration for the stop-motion like feel is two-fold centered around the belly dancing (which was a very large part of their day, thus an important part of their film) and the song choice for this edit. We always like to show the viewer the day in a way they never thought was possible, so we are proud to say this edit keeps within that thought process that ultimately, drives us to do better work each and every time.

We are constantly asked where we find our music choices and while the answer is a well guarded secret, there are just some songs that are no brainers, even if many have heard them before. Florence and the Machine is already very well known (and rightfully so). Fortunately, this song has not hit mainstream yet, but it most likely will very soon. At least we can say it was here before it was on the radio, lol.

In any case, we encourage you to check this one out a few times as the first time you watch, it may be sensory overload, but pay close attention as even though the edit in and of itself is unique, there is still a story to be told. . . . Jason + Dina's story. Truly a passionate couple whose energy and enthusiasm was reflected throughout the evening, most noticeably in the incredible dance sets that took place throughout the night.

DISCLAIMER: First time we've ever had to do this to a trailer. If you have ANY adverse reactions to stop motion or constantly jittery footage, DO NOT WATCH THIS TRAILER. The rest of you. . . . Enjoy!

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