Monday, May 23, 2011

Brooke + Jason // Everything Sounds Better in Italian

Brooke + Jason have over the top personalities in all the best ways imaginable. Brooke is caring, genuine, thoughtful, gracious, and can laugh at just about anything. In fact, we found her laughing all day and taking it all in with a big smile on her face. Jason is a little more subtle in his overthetopedness (yes that is now a word). But, when we saw the watch he was rockin' as a rad wedding day gift from Brooke, we knew this guy had a personality as large as the watch itself, and he didn't disappoint.

The day after the wedding, these two set off for a country made for romantic getaways with a culture and history that is over the top in so many ways. . . . Italy. So what better than to incorporate little tastes of Italy through the wedding day like with Jason's custom Italian kicks and perhaps a reading or two in Italian during the ceremony??? Sure, why not!

Oh, and to top it all off, Brooke and her father busted out perhaps the craziest over the top father daughter dance we have ever filmed at a wedding, so kudos Brooke and Bill, you win the "craziest over the top father daughter dance award ever" from the guys here at the studio! Your magical performance is now externalized in this post just inches below this text. Enjoy :-)

While the wedding was over the top is so many fun ways, it was also very down to earth, real, and great to be a part of. For that Brooke + Jason, we thank you and you'll see that this trailer has a slight change of pace from some of the recent posts. The pacing is all done with intent to reflect the personality that is Brooke + Jason. And just remember, when all else fails and you are at a loss for words, no matter the situation in life. . . . . .  just say something in Italian, it tends to fix everything.

A very special thank you to Louis and Erin Palos of Palos Studio. Having known one another for years and never having had the opportunity to work together, this was a real treat for us and we can't say enough great things about Louis and Erin. Great photographers and great people as well. Also, thank you to Eric Morales from Extreme DJ for not only keeping the party rockin' but for being as helpful as he always is with all the technical aspects of the day.

Brooke + Jason

Craziest Over the Top Father Daughter Dance Ever


francine said...

that father-daughter dance was absolutely WONDERFUL! i even found myself cheering them on from my computer! =)

Tunde said...

The best Dad and her little ballerina dance EVER!!!

dressesshop said...

great! wonderful dancing!

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