Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Can I Help Weddings by SML???

So. . . . this post is basically a shameless call to all of our previous clients out there! We have recently created an account at, which is a subsidiary of The cool thing about this is visibility on the website is directly proportional to the number of reviews you receive!

Here's the requirements:

1.) You have to be a legitimate prior client of Weddings by SML. . . . They do randomly check the reviews to ensure legitimacy and integrity, so Mom. . . you don't get to participate in this one. . . .

2.) You have to be willing to part with 5 minutes of your life. I know, gut wrenching thought, but I've already parted with 3 minutes of mine just by writing this post. . .

Other than that, be honest, and hopefully we have made you happy, but I don't want to influence anything. I prefer to let our clients speak for us. So if you have a few minutes, just click the link below in the white rectangular box and the rest is up to you! Thank you to everyone for a great 2008 season and we definately are looking forward to 2009. . . .

. . . And yes, we still have a few gems to release on the blog before the ball drops!

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So laugh, cry, do whatever you do when you watch our stuff. Hope you like it, and please, be sure to leave a comment or two. We love feedback, and we love the fact that you are here to check us out, so enjoy!!!