Wednesday, November 5, 2008

True Love at Fallbrook - Joseph and Katie DiCaprio - With Special Guest Brandon Kidd

An hour and twenty minutes southeast of Orange County lies the quiet city of Fallbrook. Nestled up against a hill is a true gem of a resort called Pala Mesa; home to golf, relaxation, and the Wedding Day of Joe and Katie.

We arrived a couple hours before the ceremony to find the bridal room already in full force as the girls rushed to bring final touches together. Quietly sat Katie, almost meditating on the ceremony to come. There was most certainly a pleasant calm about her, that definitely showed on film.

And then there was Joe, with Blue Label and Black Tie, ready to receive his bride. Nothing but smiles the entire day, this couple made it too easy, and. . . well. . . the rest is for your eyes to feast on. Hope you enjoy!

But, before you watch, a couple huge shout outs! Thank you to Kendra Koenig with Pala Mesa Resort. She kept everything on time and ready to go for us. She most certainly is worth her weight in gold. Thanks to Hugh Swanke from A New Song Mobile Entertainment. Hugh kept the party rockin' into the wee hours.

And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE shout out to Brandon Kidd from Brandon Kidd Photography. His eye for photography is flawless and I just had to ask him to shoot me some photos for this highlight reel. So, all the stills you see in this piece, are from his lens to your eyes. Hope you enjoy!!!

LOL, I keep receiving thank you's from parents (which is a great thing) and I can't help but share these because it just goes to show how important great wedding cinema can be! This one came from Katie's mother:


Anonymous said...

I just want to say what an awesome job you did on putting this together. I love your creative eye and cinematic approach. It was such a pleasure being able to work with you on this day!

Looking forward to the many more we share together!!

Keep up the stellar work!

~Brandon Kidd

Katie DiCaprio said...

Thank you so much for capturing such amazing memories for us. I am so glad we found you. Your video work and the special moments you caught are worth more than I could ever tell you. The day goes by so fast and to be honest you seem to forget some moments, however you captured everything and now I can watch this video time after time to remember my special day. Thank for everything! Joe and I are blessed to have worked with you. We look forward to seeing whats to come...

Joe & Katie DiCaprio

Anonymous said...

I had the time of my life with all of you!

Katie and Joe, your friends and family are wonderful!

If I can be of any assistance to you in the future please don't wait to call.

At Your Service,


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