Sunday, July 19, 2009

Allison + Robert - aBadKad Same Day Edit

This one was unique from the start. First off, a HUGE shout out to Allison + Robert for making this wedding their own. I have never seen lemons, limes, and oranges used as centerpieces on tables, and it totally rocked!

Second, I have to say that the father of the bride stole our heart with his Mint 46' Cadillac. As soon as we saw that car, we knew it was going to be a part of the SDE, hence we reference the license plate in this post.

Third, the watch that Allison gave Rob as a wedding gift was sweet, and let's face it Rob, you can never go wrong with Diamond Studs for the bride, never seen a bride who didn't like those. :-) Funny that the two of them got the same card to go with the gifts, as one bridesmaid said, "It must be a sign!" Be sure to pay attention for the shots of the gifts in the SDE.

And Finally, a huge shout out to the crazy cool vendors who helped to make last night's presentation a success. First, thank you to Kim Sanders and her team from Art With Nature as we were in their hair trying to get some fun ring shots with their fruity centerpieces for awhile!

Second, thanks to Tracy Norred from Serendipity Images Photography for letting us have our way with the lovely couple and being so easy to work with. And finally, a shout out to John from After Dark Entertainment for arranging the audio for the SDE. These presentations can't go off the way they do without help from DJs like John!

So without further ado, we bring to you Allison + Robert - aBadKad SDE. . . .


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