Wednesday, July 29, 2009

jake ♥ kiki - The Highlights

One of the most intriguing aspects for me about the wedding day is the history and strong family traditions and values that are ever present at each shoot. When Kiki's father spoke about what it meant to him to give his daughter away to Jake, it simply reinforced my belief that a strong family is such a great foundation for the beginning of a marriage.

It was evident both on their wedding day as well as the rehearsal dinner that both Kiki and Jake come from very tight knit and strong families. Traditions played a big role in this wedding and they were exemplified in all the details. From photographs of grandparents in a locket on the bouquet, to a grand entrance capped off with their college fight song, Jake and Kiki didn't miss a thing.

My personal favorite to this highlight is the Vespa parked out in front of the Balboa Bay Club. While we have the opportunity to share in many couples' special day, I have never seen a Bride and Groom drive off at the end of the night on a Vespa, and as they say, "Just when I think I've seen it all. . . . . " you get the idea.

A very special thanks to Jim Kennedy from Jim Kennedy Photographers. We randomly had the opportunity to work together twice within a month, so that was definately a treat as he is always a pleasure to work with!

Also, thank you to Lisa Moon from Lisa Moon Events for moving the evening along just as planned. A good coordinator is worth her weight in gold and Lisa is a great coordinator!

So here are the wedding day highlights from jake ♥ kiki, enjoy! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Steve, awesome video, as always! And big kudos to you - Tyrone Wells is my absolute favorite singer. Great choice!

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