Monday, January 25, 2010

Tina + Lucas ~ The Best Man

One of the many signs of a great relationship is change for the better. When a couple can support one another and help to shape each other into the people they long to be over the course of a lifetime, that is true love.

Lucas and Tina are clearly in a great relationship. Lucas' best man gave a toast that was short and simple, but we think it is the best toast we have heard in a long time. Filled with nothing but heart felt words of honesty and emotion, it was truly an honor to have the opportunity to share it through their trailer.

While clever phrases and well timed punch lines seem to dominate the reception mic, sometimes simplicity is best.

We posted Tina + Lucas' Same Day Edit, if you missed it, check it out here. So for their trailer, we didn't want to give away too much good stuff, so in the spirit of the post, we kept it simple :-)

A very special thank you and shout out to Joe Broccardo from Broccardo Photography. Not only can he create amazing imagery, he's handy with a needle. Thimble not included. See for yourself. . .

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