Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jill + Jamar // A Studio Backlot SDE

One element that certainly caught our attention when we first were contacted by Jill + Jamar was the answer to the question, "Where is your reception going to take place?" When the answer was CBS studios, we were intrigued. . . . very intrigued.

Such a unique setting for a wedding and the imagery. How cool to be in a residential neighborhood on this block, and then downtown NYC on the next? Once we met with Jill + Jamar and saw how easy going and incredibly sweet they were, we were sold. And yesterday, in front of friends and family, we were thrilled to share this SDE with them.

The day began at MAC with a little makeup session, which became the bookends to the edit. The girls then traveled to the chic Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach where Jill became acquainted with the perfect wedding day accessory, which also happened to be her wedding day gift from Jamar. Another element of the day that we felt should be included in the edit was the travel. While the ceremony took place in Manhattan Beach, CBS studios is in Studio City. For anyone who doesn't live and/or work near LA, the commute between these two cities is 35 minutes without traffic, but one good accident and it can easily mushroom into a 2 hour commute. Travel was definitely an element to the day, thus an element to the SDE. Finally, we arrive at the reception, where the venue is truly unique, but the details laid out into this wedding easily overshadowed any studio set. From the floral to the cake design, this wedding was to the 9's, so we wanted to show some of the labor that went into the setup.

Jill + Jamar, what a wonderful day that was shared by all and we truly are honored to call you one of our couples! Congratulations and we hope you enjoyed your Same Day Edit!

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evopete said...

Congrats Jammer and Jill.. This is Peter and Sandra and your video looks awesome....We hope to have weddings by SML do our Wedding as well. They truly are Artist....BTW ,Sandra wants to know when the babies are comming? :)

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