Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tracie + John // The Life in the Years

Living like Lincoln. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Tracie + John. There was a toast that was made by Tracie's father at the reception and he quotes a couple very choice words from our 16th president. Tracie + John live out those words every day of their lives. We would be lying if we didn't point out that we were very much looking forward to cutting this trailer. After an evening with these two, their family and friends, and more energy than could have been imagined, this wedding was busting at the seems with story and just waiting on the edit line for this post.

He likes the Red Sox. She likes Animals. He has no fear rocking manties (you'll see). She eats cereal with a fork. He needs but a simple excuse to celebrate. She used to be a competitive figure skater. This list goes on and on and the sentences only become better and better. Instead of writing and writing, we'll let you simply watch. . . . . . and watch.

A very special thank you to Lisa Moon of Lisa Moon Events for making the day so much easier. Also, thank you to Tasos Tsirtsis from LSM Entertainment for all of his help at the reception. If you need a event planner extraordinaire or a great DJ, look no further than these two!

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Amazing! love your work

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