Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Amy and Ben Gold

If you checked out the first dance these two had ( 2 posts below), you can tell that the energy and love Amy and Ben share is vibrant enough to light up all of Southern California. Truly a beautiful wedding from beginning to end. What a pleasure to capture and I'm having even more fun putting it together in post!

Here is the trailer from their special day. Hope you enjoy! :-)



Amy and Ben Gold said...

We could not be happier with the edits you made, the shots you took and your overall professionalism. Your ability to capture the moment and the true essence of the event is second to none!! I will definitely recommend you to ALL of my friends!

Golden Sounds Entertainment DJ & Wedding Lighting Services said...

The Best First Dance at a Wedding Reception I've ever seen! Providing wedding DJ & wedding lighting design services for the past 15 years I've seen my share of first dances, and Amy & Ben's first dance at there wedding reception takes the cake! It was unique and full of energy for the family & guests at there wedding reception to enjoy.
Great pictures!
Great vidoes!

Thank you,

Steve Wemmer
Golden Sounds Entertainment

Lighting, Custom Gobo with your name, initials, and logo projecting light on your dance floor, and walls at your Wedding Reception. DJ & Wedding Lighting Services.

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