Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lauren and Cooper - Save the Date - 5-30-09

Just thinking about this shoot makes me laugh. . . It all began with the idea to carpool over to the Fun Zone in Balboa (parking there not so friendly). In any case, all 3 of us pile into my car. Poor Lauren had to fit into the back of the Mustang with a light kit taking up two thirds of her seat. Then Cooper forgets his drumsticks. Then Cooper spills coffee on his shirt. Then Steve forgets the Sharpie to write on said drumsticks.

How we managed to get anything accomplished is beyond me. Fortunately Lauren was there to keep anything else from going wrong. . . . except if she only could have held the sun from setting for a few more minutes. . . LOL.

In any case, here is their Save the Date Video for the big day next year. We are setting up a custom webpage for Cooper and Lauren to display their acting debut (this video) and allow their friends and family to share in their excitement for the upcoming wedding. We are proud to now offer the Save the Date Video to any package as a very worthwhile add-on!

Oh. . .and Cooper is a drummer. . . . a very . . .very good drummer, hence the emphasis on the drumsticks. So check it out and enjoy!

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Dave Williams said...

Very creative, Steve - Nice job! I'm sure they loved it!

Congratulations!!! You made it. . . was it hard to find??? In any case, here lies our most recent creations. That's right. . . like it or not, here you will find everything Weddings by SML. From trailers to tidbits, this is where everything not found on www.weddingsbysml.com ends up.

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