Monday, September 29, 2008

Stephen and Kristin Mikolajczak - Same Day Edit

With our eyes fighting to stay open, we crawled out of bed at 6am to be down to San Diego in time for Steve and Kristin's big day. Having known Steve personally for the better half of a decade, it is not a stretch to say that when the cameras are rolling, he doesn't disappoint. And he couldn't have picked a better wife in Kristin. Not only is she beautiful, but her personality is bursting at the seems and it made our job so easy! The two compliment each other in every way, not to mention their undying love for everything 80's, which makes this Same Day Edit stand out.

When we were first handed the task of putting a SDE together to Bon Jovi, I must say I laughed and thought, "how are we going to do this one???" But, as I received their pictures and Davin got a feel for their style, we must admit that it came together almost naturally. So here it is, in it's blog debut, Steve and Kristin. . . Wanted. . . Dead or Alive. . . Enjoy!

Also, a shout out to Paul Peterson from High Energy DJ for his efforts in keeping the reception rocking. For those who witnessed his performance in the middle of the dance floor, it was one that will not be soon forgotten. . .

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