Monday, March 1, 2010

Brent + Denise // aka Brenise

I feel as though I've said this 5 thousand times now, but for some reason, nothing ever gets old about vineyard weddings. I suppose that sentence deserves a, "well, duh!", however I felt the need to write the sentence anyways.

Brent + Denise, or Brenise, as they affectionately refer to themselves, set the scene for a vineyard in October. With the fall effect in full swing, these two tied the knot in one of the most romantic ceremonies we have ever been a part of. The craziest part is that the readings were so good, that we didn't even include their hand written vows to one another in this trailer. . . you have to save a little candy for the feature film, you know?

So instead, we focused on a very simple, yet powerful reading defining the concept of Marriage. For you married folks out there, myself included, this reading couldn't be closer to the truth on so many levels, so be sure to pay attention as you watch this clip. From the beautiful overflowing vines to a sneak glimpse at the officiant while he was rehearsing on a bench prior to the ceremony, this trailer incorporates some great imagery tied together with a very prophetic reading about marriage.

A very special thanks and shout out to Lane Dittoe, photographer extraordinaire for all his help on the big day and Joe over at Atmosphere Entertainment for keeping the party rockin'.

. . . and here it is, Brent + Denise // aka Brenise

-enjoy! - Steve


Denise said...

The moments of that weekend came rushing back to mind and filled my heart all over again. I'm overwhelmed with chills and tears of joy just watching this preview. I can hardly wait for the finished product. THANK YOU, Steve! Your talent is truly appreciated.
Love, Denise Albright

All B said...

This video trailers brought tears to my eyes, as the reading could not have been more fitting. We can't wait to see the final product, as the little glimpse that you provided us was incredible. The site of us dancing in the vineyard was worth the wait. You have created a little masterpiece, can't wait for full clip. Thanks again. Brent Albright

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