Monday, March 29, 2010

It Runs in the Family

While I am most certainly a filmmaker, I would still consider my craft a form of photography. After all, movies are nothing but a succession of images shown one frame after another to simulate the look of "motion". So, in a round-a-bout way, I consider myself a photographer, too. :-)

Over the past two weeks, my father was cleaning out my grandfather's house and he found a few cameras that had been stored away for many decades by now. One belongs to my grandfather. It is the F-2 Nikon series for all you Nikon junkies out there. A cool camera that still works just fine I might add. My grandfather used to go to the Dodger games with a Media Pass and photograph the players back in the Koufax, Drysdale era. My father grew up in the press box at the Ravine and I still haven't forgiven him for wearing and losing, might I add, BOTH ballcaps that Don Drysdale wore during the 1963 and 1965 world series. I suppose you take those things for granted when you are a kid. He also decided it was best to play catch with a ball that was signed by the ENTIRE 1963 world series Dodgers team (for those that don't know or care, in the right condition, that ball would be worth over $10,000 today). I still have the ball, but you can barely make out any of the signatures. Another story for another blog post. In any case, my grandfather's camera is sightly vintage, but nothing like the other camera my father found in my grandfather's closet.

I must admit that I didn't think I would be as fascinated as I was today and I must say it is such a cool feeling to hold your great-grandfather's camera. I never knew the man, but I could only imagine the pictures he must have taken and how great he felt when he first held this camera.

The Eastman Kodak No. 3a - Autographic Junior Model-A was made from 1914-1926. My grandfather wasn't able to tell me what year it was purchased, but based on the fact that it is a Model A (there was a Model B and C), and the last patent on the casing shows 1917 as the date, I think this camera was likely purchased around 1918, which would make it 92 years old.

The shutter still works and the camera is in surprisingly decent condition. A little rust and the side strap is broken off, but all in all, I think it would still take a picture. Such a great little piece of history and I'm so stoked to have such an amazing family heirloom sitting in the studio. There are now 3 different generations of cameras proudly sitting on display.

My Grandfathers Nikon F-2 Series. . .

My Great Grandfather's Eastman Kodak No. 3a Autographic Junior Model-A . . .

3 Generations and their respective gear . . .

Such a Sick Family Heirloom!

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Wow, what a cool story!

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