Monday, March 22, 2010

A Rant {The Importance of a Good Wedding Film}

As a wedding filmmaker, I feel as though our job can become a twofold approach. It is not uncommon for us to meet with couples and have the first thing they say be, "At first, we really weren't interested in having a wedding video". Back when I used to hear this, I would want to become defensive of our industry, but the truth is that over time I have learned that most couples simply don't know:

1.) the difference between a "wedding video" and a "wedding film"

2.) what a good film looks like

3.) what huge regret they will have if they don't document their day in the way it deserves to be documented

4.) They are overwhelmed by all the garbage they find combing through the endless demos they find on the internet. A montage of slow motion clips to a sappy song. . . sound familiar???

It is because of these factors that I often tell our couples to "throw every preconceived notion they have about a "wedding video" out the window", because to be honest, that phrase doesn't do our craft justice.

A wedding film is much more than a regurgitation of the days events. We are not here to show you what happened that day all over again. Uncle Joe will be more than happy to do that with his handi-cam over lunch at his house. We are here to show you your day in a way you never thought was possible. We are here to create a piece of art that not only you can watch, but your friends, your family, and even strangers will enjoy as well. There are so many facets to one day that go unnoticed and it is our job to bring those to the forefront. We are here to do what no "wedding video" can do. . . . we are here to tell your story through a film. You will laugh, cry, laugh again, then grab the tissues, and I GUARANTEE any groom who says, "why do we even need a video" will reconsider once we show you what we can do with a camera and a couple hours.

I received this card in the mail just a few days ago from one of our brides who gets it. While she may not use the lingo (film vs. video), she understands what it is we can offer that no photographer can give you. Don't get me wrong, the photographs are incredibly important, but don't tell me a good wedding film should ever take a back seat to a photo album.

When the flowers have wilted, the linens have been returned, the dress put away in a box, and the gifts have been opened. . . . all that will remain are your pictures AND your wedding film. Just my 2 cents.

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